The Godfather returns to theaters after 50 years

Completing 50 years, The Godfather will return to theaters. With an edit in 4K!

Paramount Pictures has officially announced the re-release of the classic in theaters in Brazil on February 24, with the new special edition.

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In addition, the entire trilogy will get a 4K version on major digital platforms on March 22.

The restoration work on the Godfather trilogy was supervised by Francis Ford Coppola. The filmmaker directed all three features.

The Godfather trilogy is regarded as one of the most acclaimed of all time. The first two features had a historic impact on Hollywood, and while the third didn’t have an equally positive reception, it still received rave reviews.

Nicolas Cage Begged For Role In The Godfather

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Nicolas Cage revealed that he begged his uncle, Francis Ford Coppola, for a role in The Godfather Part III. More specifically, he wanted to play the character that Andy Garcia ended up playing.

The actor said, “My uncle was doing The Godfather Part III and I said I would like to be in it. I wanted to be chosen.”

“He wanted to cast Andy Garcia in the role, but I tried to convince him that I was a better fit for the character. I could convince as a son of James Caan.”

“But it just didn’t happen. I really wanted to be in it, but I didn’t get the part.”

The Godfather movies are available on HBO Max.

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