‘The Godfather’ returns to the restored cinema: the trailer

Foto: Paramount Pictures/Alfran Productions

Although inaccurate in the tale of the Italian-American mafia, the movie ‘The Godfather’ however, it has become a cornerstone of the crime / drama genre: directed by Francis Ford Coppola and released in 1972, it is recognized as a masterpiece and, fifty years later, it is still capable of exerting great fascination on the public. Hence the restoration sponsored by Paramount Pictuers and supervised by Coppola himself, and hence also the new release to the cinema, set in Italian cinemas for 22-24 March 2022. The trailer announcing the event allows us to have a preview of the cleaning work audio and video.

‘The Godfather’, Coppola’s masterpiece returns to the cinema

The film’s plot revolves around Mike Corleone (played by Al Pacino), a hero of the Second World War who remains unrelated to the family’s criminal activity until an attack on his father Don Vito (Marlon brando) leads him to become more and more involved in the affairs of the clan. Flanked by the Sonny brothers (James Caan) and Fred (John Cazale), becomes the heir of the Godfather and manages a bloody showdown.

‘The Godfather’ is the adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Mario Puzo, who co-wrote the film with the director Francis Ford Coppola. The latter had agreed to shoot the feature film for purely economic reasons, but he put all his visual talent into it and made it a huge success with the public and one of the few films to have an average rating, on Metacritic, of 100 /. 100.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the ‘Godfather’ release in cinemas, the entire trilogy has been restored in 4K Ultra HD and will be released in a slipcase. At the same time, the first chapter of the saga will have a short worldwide distribution: the appointment is for March 22-24, 2022.

The trailer for the 50th anniversary


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