The goalkeeper of the France team in shock, her ex-girlfriend died

It is an absolute tragedy that affects the French women’s team. Pauline Peyraud-Magnin, the goalkeeper of Les Bleues learned before the Euro of the death of her former companion, aged 27.

Goalkeeper for the France team, Pauline Meyraud-Magnin has shown nothing publicly of the drama she has just experienced, but the French player arrived in England to play the Euro under very complicated conditions. Indeed, Agence France Presse reveals that the one who is also the goalkeeper of Juventus has learned of the death of his former companion, who was found dead in the apartment of the player in Turin. After having settled with her two years ago, Pauline Meyraud-Magnin had separated from the young woman a few weeks ago. Asked by AFP about this death, in circumstances that have not been disclosed, the Italian investigators were very cautious: “ The investigation is ongoing and remains covered by secrecy (…) Our services have been working, from the start, in close collaboration with the French consulate in Milan “.

The FFF supports its player in this dramatic moment

Faced with the shock caused by this tragedy, the French Football Federation communicated on this subject: “ The FFF and the entire French women’s team fully support Pauline Peyraud-Magnin in the personal drama she is currently going through and sends its condolences to the bereaved family. The FFF and the French women’s team will not make any further comments regarding this mourning which concerns the private life of a player from the French team and calls for respect for her private life and her mourning. “As for the other players of the France team, we are necessarily shocked by all this, and we support the goalkeeper, who had a very big game in the first match of the Blue in the Euro, it was against Italy. In Le Parisien, Sakina Karchaoui, side of the French team and Paris Saint-Germain explains that the players have closed ranks following this tragedy: “ There is solidarity between us, that’s for sure. Afterwards, it’s his private life, we’re not going to get involved. But here it is: she has been impacted and she knows very well that she has our support. But it will remain his private life “. As a reminder, the French women’s team has already qualified for the quarter-finals of Euro 2022 and will play its last match of the first round against Finland on Monday evening.

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