The globus syndrome: Celine Dion suffering from this disorder?

After the publication of a Youtube video where the singer explained why her european tour was postponedin which she declares that her “doctors follow her” and that she “receives treatment”, the authors Laurence Pieau and Hervé Tropéa have published a book Celine Dion: the real story, which has just been published by Robert Laffont, in which they reveal that the singer would suffer from “globus syndrome”. (source 1)

What is this trouble?

This globus syndrome would result in a lump in the throat. Dr. Jean Abitbol, ​​Celine Dion’s ENT, confides in the book that she would suffer from this disorder, which would cause trouble with his voice. This feeling of discomfort in the throat remains only a feeling, no mass really exists and discomfort is not correlated with food intake (source 2). To return to the case of the international artist, muscle spasms and a period of menopause add to this syndrome according to his doctor, which makes his daily life more than difficult.

What are the causes of this globus syndrome?

This disorder would have a multiple origin. Smoking, intense fatigue, gastric reflux, stress, are several factors that could explain the appearance of this feeling of discomfort in the throat. In the case of Celine Dion, a voice fatigue could also explain this disorder. According to a document published by the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, a British hospital: “a overuse or to a improper use of voice muscles and throat, can lead to increased tension in these muscles and a globus”. (source 3)

What treatment?

No medication has not yet proven to be effective. Only one psychological or even psychiatric support if necessary, can relieve this syndrome, often linked to a strong anxiety. It is of course necessary to check the ENT sphere to verify that there is no other pathology, before falling back on the globus syndrome.

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