the "Global True" FC Apicoles

We had left them with a match where supporters of both teams could help their team by emptying beer kegs. In 2022, FC Apicoles and its crazy members are back with an event with an international dimension: The “Mondial Vrai”. “After last year’s event where fans could score ‘goals’ by drinking from kegs, we wanted something less attacking this year.says Paca Peret, the president. Just to show that, even if we love to drink, we don’t just do that at FC Apicoles. »

World, Hold On

It is at the Marcel-Mourinho stadium in Esneux, all day Saturday, that the heart of the Mondial Vrai will beat wildly. The principle ? Sixteen teams – including two mixed – will compete in a mini-World Cup and represent nations that squat the bottom of the FIFA rankings. “We started with the idea of ​​the True World Cup to defend a little the model that is ours, our values, compared to those conveyed by the Qatar World Cup.continues Paca Peret. We wanted to highlight the teams at the bottom of the FIFA rankings a little, as we are also at the bottom of the rankings in Belgium. With a desire to do zero waste, and an event that is very friendly, very convivial. »

On this first point, the great means are out: the balls like the jerseys are eco-designed, and everything is done so that the environment is not affected by this football festival which will bring together more than 150 people. “We want all participants to produce as little waste as possible by taking their water bottles for example, while for snacks, it will be fruit rather than packaged things” , say the organizers. Regarding the nations, Greenland, Suriname, Barbados and Papua New Guinea will be represented by teams of six who will put on tunics specially created for the occasion. “We tried to take selections from all continents, countries in search of an identity, which have nice flags, right-wing and left-wing governments… and then we put it in the hands of the Nolt equipment manufacturer who designed the jerseys. »

“This event is made to celebrate amateur football”

During the day, each team plays six matches and also participates in a football-darts tournament. But that’s not all : “To keep the “Beekeeping” side, there will also be a team tournamentlaughs Paca. There will be one winner per continent, and then a world winner. » An alcoholic parenthesis that should not do the sport, as well as the evening that will follow behind. All this before waking up painfully, on Sunday morning, to clear the way.

“We want all the teams to have captured the idea behind this Real World Cupconcludes Paca. This event is made to celebrate amateur football, the game that can be seen on Sunday mornings. The best thing would be for the teams to have appropriated the country they represent. By learning the anthem for example. » The most lazy will then regret not representing Spain, while the others will simply take advantage of the moment.

By Andrea Chazy

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