The fulminant "I like it" by Wanda Nara after the hot meeting between Mauro Icardi and China Suárez: "You’re going to cheat on me …"

Yes OK Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi reached an agreement and reconciled after the footballer’s infidelity scandal with the China Suarez In Paris, the Argentine media cannot avoid sharing sharp reflections on social networks.

After throwing a spicy hint at the former star of “Almost angels“, in which he hinted that she is disposable compared to she who is a “tattoo that does not fade, the botinera once again surprised its more than eight million fans.

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The sister of Zaira Nara He did not share anything on his Instagram profile, but network users could not help noticing a peculiar “like” that he gave to an introspective publication.

The difference is that you are going to cheat on me with the kind of woman you don’t want me to be, while I’m going to leave you for the man I always wanted you to be but couldn’t be.“, was the explosive phrase to which Wanda Nara gave a” like “of the account @escritodefrases.

The unusual phrase that Wanda Nara liked in networks.

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