"The French are getting lazy" : Roschdy Zem… this bitter observation which risks setting fire to the powder

This Monday, November 14, 2022, Roschdy Zem was the guest of Léa Salamé on France Inter. An opportunity for the 57-year-old actor to address a subject that has caused a lot of ink to flow for some time: the desertion of cinemas in France. According to the star of the film Go Fastlaziness would be the cause of this phenomenon.

The French are becoming lazy and with notifications, we are forced to stay at home. The next step is the metaverse, we will be able to go on a trip while staying at home so we will become more and more lazy and above all, we lose our curiosity “, he explained. He also seems to regret this change which pushes the population to isolation and selfishness.

“Forces us to stay at home”

What we also lose is this communion “, adds Roschdy Zem before giving his last film as an example. ” My film begins with a Sunday lunch with the family and ends with lunch as well. This is what we are losing because everything forces us, with notifications, to stay at home and we no longer need to have this sharing. We manage to get by. I rebound on the attendance of the rooms. It’s exactly the same. The French do not go to cinemas less, they go to everything less. Halls, museums, bookstores, gardens. Because the GAFAM have a technique, a strategy, which obliges us to stay at home and to obtain everything by staying on our sofa “.

An analysis which did not convince the listeners who were numerous to question the price of a cinema ticket. ” 12, 15 euros the place of cinema… But it is the fault of the GAFAM”, “No. Because on the 10th of the month the French no longer have money to eat, so leisure…”, “The price of the place is high”could we read on Twitter.


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