The formidable Balkan saga of Gordana Kuić is republished in French

“Knowing your family is learning more about yourself”, writes Gordana Kuić in the epigraph of Perfume of rain on the Balkans, novel-chronic-narrative in which History, that of men, countries and empires, takes shape in the background of personal history. Throughout this narrative, which extends from 1914 to 1944, from “the shot in Sarajevo which resounded throughout Europe” until the liberation of Belgrade, a voice full of warmth and of sensuality. This voice goes back in echoes to the times of the Ottomans in Serbia and Bosnia and to those of the Edict of Isabella the Catholic who pushed the Sephardic Jews to these shores. It passes through the mysteries and volutes of memory, through the timbre of the Ladino language, this form of Castilian that continued to be spoken by exiles from the Kingdom of Spain for five centuries, even on the banks of the Bosphorus.

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