The former star of Nova Slávek Boura: TRIAL BECAUSE OF DRUGS! He is in danger of dying

The indictment accuses a large group of people of having exported more than 2 billion crowns worth of hard drugs to Australia and New Zealand between 2014 and 2016! The entire event was codenamed Wombat. All of them generally claim that they only succumbed to the offer of a certain travel agent who took them on a free holiday to Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Australia or Thailand. She bought them tickets, visas, and even packed their luggage. It just doesn’t work anymore…

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Across four continents

The group was active on four continents, when couriers (often couples) traveled with travel agency tours from Prague via the USA. In each of the four pieces of luggage, they transported up to 5 kilograms of drugs, mainly cocaine, meth and heroin. They usually received a fee of 150,000 for the trip. The cage fell in 2017, when detectives arrested a couple from Prachatick in Sydney with contraband in their suitcases. Both couriers are now in an Australian prison, where the court sent them to eight years.

Test destinations

The most famous face of the entire »gang« Slávek Bura was supposed to smuggle narcotics from Thailand in 2015, the organizers canceled the third transfer from Los Angeles. The moderator denies all accusations. Previously, the newspaper Aha! he said he was going abroad to write a review for a new travel agency.

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“I’ve said everything before, so I won’t comment any further at this time,” wrote to the newspaper Aha! defendant Boura. And since he did not use the option of a lower sentence for pleading guilty, he has to explain everything at the main trial and faces up to 18 years behind bars. “I’m afraid of people because they can be nice pigs, but since I haven’t done anything, I can’t be afraid. Only from false accusations and bad justice,” Boura added.

They are chasing them at large

The entire group is prosecuted at large. Apparently, the police wiretaps may be an important piece of evidence in the ongoing trial.

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