The former Piedmont councilor Roberto Rosso (Fdi) sentenced to 5 years for a vote of political-mafia exchange

Roberto Rossoex regional councilor of the Piedmont for Brothers of Italywas condemned to 5 years for vote of political-mafia exchange. This was established by the college of Court of Asti chaired by the judge Alberto Giannone at the end of the “Carminius-Fenice” trial, carried out with an ordinary rite. The proceeding, born from an investigation by Finance policerevolved around a criminal organization linked to the ‘ndranghetamore precisely to the Bonavota clan of Vibo Valentia, located in the area of Carmagnola, between the provinces of Turin, Asti and Cuneo. During the continuation of the investigation, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Monica Abbatecola And Paolo Toso of the Turin Anti-Mafia District Directorate, contacts had emerged between two men considered ‘Ndranghetisti, Onofrio Garcea And Francesco Viterboand Red, long one of the most prominent men of Come on Italy in Piedmont, whose curriculum also includes experiences from deputy and from undersecretary in the Berlusconi governments.

The three had come into contact during the election campaign of the Regional 2019those that led to the election of Alberto Cirio to the presidency of Piedmont. According to what was reconstructed by the investigators on the basis of the wiretappingRosso promised 15 thousand euros in Garcea and Viterbo (against their request of 50 thousand euros) in exchange for their commitment to raise votes. The survey found the delivery of a lower figure, of about 7,900 euros. “They are incredible ballers,” the politician said disappointed on the phone, believing that he did not get enough votes. The prosecutor believes that Rosso knew he was dealing with men of the ‘Ndrangheta because in 2012, together with other deputies, he had signed a’interrogation parliamentarian asking to shed light on a mafia affair in which Onofrio Garcea was involved as a man at the top of the local of ‘ndrangheta in Genoa.

Questioned by the prosecutors, Rosso said he did not remember that parliamentary act, while during the trial, assisted by Giorgio lawyers Piazzese and Franco Coppibrought up a mental disorder: “I am fond of the bipolar syndrome and I alternate between ‘up’ and ‘down’ moments and in moments of euphoria the electoral campaigns were my drug. During the interrogation I came out with an unfortunate joke: ‘I’ll be in a psychiatric examination,’ I said. Thanks to the path of psychotherapy that from that moment the court allowed me to do, I realized that I am suffering from bipolar disorder “.

“In the face of greed for votes, a person who probably would have won anyway, relies completely unreasonable to two strangers, two characters of Calabrian organized crime and he is aware that they are such, precisely to increase his electoral advantage ”, explained prosecutor Abbatecola in the indictment, asking for a sentence of 11 years. In addition to the five years’ imprisonment, Rosso will have to compensate Fratelli d’Italia for 75 thousand euros. Garcea and Viterbo had already received their sentence a 4 years and 8 months it’s at 7 years and 7 months for mafia association and vote of political-mafia exchange in shortened procedure.

Rosso was not the only politician supported by the two: the investigations revealed their interest in the election of Domenico Garceabrother of the companion of Onofrio Garcea, become city ​​councilor of Forza Italia in Turin and for a short period in predicate to chair the legality commission of the Municipality. In addition to Rosso, fifteen other defendants were sentenced, among which the brothers stand out Francis And Salvatore Arone, considered the main exponents of this’ Ndrangheta organization in Piedmont: the first obtained a sentence of 18 and a half years, the second of 17 and a half years. Sentenced to seven years Mario Burlòentrepreneur accused of external competition in a mafia association, known for sponsoring the basketball teams of Sassari And Turinbut also the football club of the Torres. Acquitted instead Antonino Buonofrom Palermo, considered by the repentant Ignazio Zito a man of the Sicilian mafia in Piedmont: “The ‘ndrangheta e Cosa Nostra they made a pact to work without bothering each other, on the contrary, in collaboration “, he confessed.

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