The former Northern League and No Green Pass Francesca Donato adheres to Totò Cuffaro’s DC Nuova: “He is the most reliable in terms of moral integrity”

Before Northern Leaguethen at the forefront of battles against the greens passnow a member of the DC New. The MEP Frances donated announced its membership in the led party in Sicily by the former governor Toto Cuffaro. Donato, elected in Strasbourg in 2019 on the lists of Leaguehad left the party of Matthew Salvini in September 2021 in controversy over the decision of the Carroccio to support the Draghi government and yield on the extension of the greens pass. Donato, president of Eurexit (against the single currency) and has long been known for its controversial positions on pandemic And vaccines, explained his decision to move to DC Nuova. “I have taken into account that many people will not understand my choice”, said the European parliamentarian, also referring to the sentence for aiding and abetting the mafia received by the former president of Sicily: “I’m sorry because today Cuffaro is the more reliable how integrity moral: his skeletons have all come to light, he admitted errors and accepted the sentence. Today he is a completely different person. He is much loved in Sicily because he has some quality extraordinary“.

After voluntarily leaving the League, Frances Donato in October 2021 it was also left without a group in the European Parliament. Among the most battle-hardened members of the front no pass and vaccine skepticism, for months he had publicly expressed his dissent on the decisions of Mario Draghi about the pandemic. A few months later she had decided to run for the chair of mayor of Palermo: in the elections of 24 June 2022 he had obtained just over 3%, without preventing the clear victory of the center-right candidate, Roberto Lagalla.

“I think there is a need for an alternative to the centre-right parties currently in government. I think the Italian electorate requires an alternative, there is too much homogeneity of proposals and I see one crisis general of the parties for this very reason”, explained Donato announcing his adhesion to the New DC. “I left the League – recalls the European deputy – because of the position she had on the green pass and for supporting the government Dragons. I no longer felt at ease in a party that mostly supported those positions forcing all deputies to vote in that direction. With the Christian Democracy I do not have no diktat“, concluded Donato.

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