The former Miss France Alicia Aylies facing the wandering hands of "elderly gentlemen" : his radical gesture to calm them down!

Became Miss France 2017 at just 18 years old, Alicia Aylies has decided to leave the beauty contests behind her. Indeed, the one who is now 24 years old is now trying to make a career in music… A new turn which is not really a surprise!

Remember, in December 2021, the young woman had entrusted to the magazine Audience that winning Miss France was not her dream at all. At the time, Alicia Aylies even told us that she had a bad experience of these first weeks of Miss France in Paris: It was a shock, a total change of life. I found myself alone, far away of my relatives, in a country that was unknown to me. I had no more landmarks. Until then, I had only come to France for fencing competitions (a sport she practiced from the age of 4 to 16, editor’s note). I didn’t even know what winter was! You feel alone, even surrounded. You don’t know who to trust, you don’t know if the people who are by your side will stay after “, she told us.

The former beauty queen had also let it be known that she had long suffered from the wandering hands of certain men: “In people’s minds, Miss France is the fiancée of all French people, and some take the opportunity to put a hand in your hand. butt,” she said.

And to add: “I’ve had to reframe, lift a hand… It’s usually older gentlemen who do that! We are very tall, in heels: the excuse of small size comes up often! »

A bad experience also sadly experienced by the former Miss France Vaimalama Chaves: “Sometimes when you’re Miss, there are hands that start to go down or even physical contact. There are some who come, they grab like that and hop, they take out their phone to take a picture. There are also those that hang at the waist and come down […] There are some who are daring, and sometimes it goes beyond that, it’s just cheek, it’s stupidity to see if something would happen or not “she confided in the Instant of Luxury on No Stop People.

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