The former deputy Renziano D’Alessandro (with the like of Marattin) unleashed against Meloni for the flight on the Air Force Renzi. But it’s another plane

“Silent tweet”, he limited himself to writing, letting the sentences of the past and the photos of today do the talking. But Camillo D’Alessandroformer deputy of Italy aliveleft to attack Giorgia Meloni, he found himself making a mess. Which he didn’t even notice Luigi Marattin, a Renzian senator and one of the most active pasdaran of the former prime minister. What happened then? D’Alessandro, who was a candidate in Abruzzo in the lists of Action-Iv and didn’t get re-elected, tweeted a collage of an old post by Giorgia Meloni and a photo of his arrival at the G20 in Bali.

“What if we sold Renzi’s (useless) plane to reimburse the citizens screwed over by the banks?”, the current prime minister wrote on Facebook on 11 December 2015 in the days when there was much talk ofRenzi Air Force and the problems of several banks. Under that old post, the former deputy of Italia Viva pasted a photo of Meloni upon his arrival at Indonesia for the summit with world leaders. Behind her is the plane she flew to G20. How to say: that inconsistency. With a lot of Marattin’s “heart” of approval. Too bad D’Alessandro must have traded the state flight aboard one of the Airbus A319 supplied to the 31st Wing of theair Forceusually used by the heads of the institutions for missions abroad, for the very expensive aircraft wanted by Renzi.

That plane is another model and, above all, it has been decommissioned for years now. It is a A340-500 no longer operational since June 2018, a few days after the first took office Conte government 2. Between leasingmaintenance, pilot training and handling, as they said Louis DiMaio And Daniel ToninelliDeputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport at the time, would have had a total cost of “150 million euros in eight years”. The aircraft ‘lease’ agreement between Alitalia and the owner Etihad it was dissolved on 22 August 2018 and a few days later the Defense did the same with the national airline. Etihad then tried to appeal the Tar of Lazio against leaving the contract, but the precautionary request was rejected three years ago.

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