The forgotten role of the Ozark villain


Long before becoming Omar Navarro in the Netflix series starring Jason Bateman, Felix Solis worked on one of the best series in history.

Felix Solis with Jason Bateman and Verónica Falcón.
© IMDbFelix Solis with Jason Bateman and Verónica Falcón.

Some weeks ago, Netflix It put an end to one of the best original series in its catalog. Ozarks concluded with the second half of its fourth and final season on April 29 and dismissed from the small screen the byrd familyembodied by figures such as Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. In this production, the actor of Puerto Rican descent, felix solis.

From the beginning of the third season of Ozarks, felix solis was in charge of playing the main antagonist who became the main ally of the Byrdes, Omar Navarro. Who was the feared leader of the cartel for which marty byrde was in charge of laundering money ended up being one more piece within the intricate board on which Marty and Wendy Byrde they made the move by which they tried to keep everything.

Omar Navarro He was one of the best characters. Ozarks and one of those who best completed its arc, in a production that ended up entangled between several new characters that appeared to give the story more drama, such as Navarro’s nephew, Javier. Long before he became the leader of the Mexican cartel, Felix Solis had a go at one of the best series in television history.

In the year 2000, when the New York-born actor was just beginning to take his first steps in the industry (it was his fourth or fifth role in Hollywood), Felix Solis was part of The Sopranos. In the second season of the series, he had a small role in which he played a fishmonger’s salesman who gets into a fight with Christopher Moltisanti, who accuses him of wanting to cheat him with his sale. Seven years later, he returned to play another character named Edgar Ramirezin the antepenultimate episode of the series of David Chase.

+Will we see new stories from The Sopranos?

Last year, after a long wait, the prequel to The Sopranos in the form of a film that even had a theatrical release. Although it did not do so well at the box office, it was very well received by critics and fans, so it would not be unreasonable to think of the possibility of seeing a continuation of this story. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporterthe creator of the series told: “I would do one more movie. Because I have an idea for that, which I would like to do. But I don’t know if they will want that.”he said in reference to the possibilities that HBO produce it.

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