The Flash season 8: episode 2, is this iconic character really dead?

The five-part event, titled “Armageddon” debuted last week on The CW. In the Season Premiere of Season 8 of The Flash, an alien named Despero landed on Earth to take on Barry. According to him, the hero will turn into a monster and destroy the whole planet. So he decided to kill him before that happened. He waits every moment for The Flash to make a misstep, and it did happen in episode 2 of season 8 of The Flash. Besides, we learned that an iconic character had died … But is it really the case?

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Is Joe really dead? – Credit (s): The CW

In this episode 2 of season 8 of The Flash, Barry was faced with many absences and according to the Flash team, he got out of control. Barry has no memory of it and the worst part of all this is that he learned, like us besides, that a major character had died months before, off camera … Since the first episode, clues are hidden in these parts d'”Armageddon”, but it became clear that Joe was dead when Caitlin said those words out loud. “Joe died six months ago. “And moments later at the Weses’ house, Iris told her puzzled and in denial husband that he himself had delivered the eulogy … while showing a tribute plaque to Joe. But so, is this iconic character really dead?

Joe died six months ago

This event “Armageddon” leaves us somewhat perplexed. Is Joe really dead, and that realization is what will trigger Despero’s predicted break in Barry’s mind? It’s a possibility, but we don’t want to believe that this beloved character died, in silence, and that his disappearance was not mentioned until six months later. Of course, this all seems to be part of the plot, but we hope this is just a hallucination or perverse mind game of Despero. In any case, a great future and a great choice await Joe in this season 8 of The Flash as the showrunner, Eric Wallace had teased a few weeks ago. The after “Armageddon” should undoubtedly provide more answers.

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