The Flash Replaces Superman As DC’s Greatest Hero

The Flash May Have Proved He’s Become The Greatest Hero In The World A.D, in place of Superman. At least that’s what Flash #781, a new comic book, indicates.

In the storyline, Wally West explains to Wallace R. West what his superhero life as Kid Flash was like.

He says he traveled around the world, running from place to place, simply to help people in various situations.

Now as the Flash, Wally West apparently still works as a superhero in this way, spending a few minutes in one place before running off to another so he can help someone else solve something.

This makes the Flash a superhero on a global level, similar to Superman, or even more importantly.

Flash is more important than everyone thinks

The Flash may not have Superman’s super-hearing to know when people are asking for help, but he can be quicker to be on time in any situation that needs his help.

It’s something interesting about the Flash, because the character almost always spent more time dedicating his efforts to Central City, especially Barry Allen’s version of the Scarlet Speedster.

Now, as The Flash, Wally West is able to become a much bigger superhero for the entire world. Superman needs to keep an eye out, because there’s competition for the title of DC’s greatest hero right now.

DC’s Flash #781 is now on sale in the United States.

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