‘The Flash’ editor GUARANTEES the wait will be worth it due to the technology used in the film

Despite the controversial behavior of Ezra Millerthe employees of Warner Bros.🇧🇷 are extremely excited about ‘The Flash🇧🇷🇧🇷

Postponed several times and now scheduled for june 2023the film is being highly anticipated due to the plot involving the multiverse, the introduction of Supergirl and the return of Michael Keaton and ben affleck like different versions of Batman.

In an interview for IBCthe editor Paul Machliss was asked about the delay in the release, but assured that the wait will be worth it due to the innovative technology used in filming.

“When it debuts, you will understand why the wait will be worth it. It’s going to be exciting. Warner charged us with making the best movie we could. What I can say is that we are going to use innovative technology… We are the first film to use very, very new technology in terms of getting multiple versions of the same actor on screen, as opposed to using locked cameras.”

He continued:

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“The development of this technology is a wonderful thing, something I would love to talk about right now, but I have to wait until next year, when the movie comes out, and then we can go into detail. But this is really, really exciting and I’m delighted to say that we’re the first to use this gimmick on a film of this scale. That’s probably why it took so long for us to finish. But it’s worth the wait, because it looks fantastic.”

Remembering that the plot of ‘The Flash’ will show Barry Allen/Flash (Ezra Miller) traveling through time to stop his mother’s murder. However, when he returns to the present, his mother is still alive…. but the world is a nightmare. The Justice League never existed and Barry needs to do everything to fix all his flaws.

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