The Flash Boss Answers If Great Character Is Really Dead

Spoiler alert

Part 2 of the Armageddon crossover, which opens season eight of The Flash, reveals that Joe is dead in Arrowverso. The revelation left Barry Allen and DC fans in shock.

Death was not in a conventional way. In the plot, Barry discovers that Joe has been dead for six months, but the Arrowverse Flash couldn’t remember it.

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The information, put that way, left fans in doubt as well. Is Joe really dead or is The Flash trying to deceive fans with this bow?

To TV Line, the head of The Flash, Eric Wallace, responded, without being direct. Apparently, the beloved character will have a choice to make during season eight.

“Let’s just say that Joe will have a completely different perspective on life and that will lead him to make a big choice. Everyone thinks the big choice was made last season, to retire, but there’s an even bigger choice coming in season eight that he doesn’t know he has to make, that will take him down the path he’s always had to go,” explained the boss. of the show.

The Flash boss tells why villain hates Barry Allen

Season eight of The Flash brings back Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash. Executive producer Eric Wallace said the villain will have a new reason to hate Barry Allen.

Wallace spoke with CBR and said the antagonist’s return will follow the Armageddon event, which encompasses the first five episodes of the new season.

Thawne last appeared at the end of season seven. He joined the Flash team in the fight against Godspeed and took the opportunity to try to kill the hero. Obviously, he failed.

“At the end of last season, Reverse Flash was really pissed off. Why? Because Flash is faster now,” said Wallace.

“If there’s one question that Armageddon answers, it’s, ‘Well, if you can’t outrun your enemy, what do you do to beat him?’ That’s where Eobard Thawne will start in Armageddon. That’s really the question for him, and that question is answered throughout season 8 in strange and unexpected ways.”

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In Brazil, The Flash is shown by Warner Channel, but it is also available on Netflix.

The eighth season of the DC series is being broadcast in the United States.

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