The first words about the relationship with photographer Třeštík: Decastelo already has a replacement ?!

The sparrows on the roof are already chirping that a new celebrity relationship is forming in Czech show business. No, now it’s really not about Agáta Hanychová (37) and Jaromír Soukup (53), but about a quite different couple – actress Eva Decastelo (43), according to our information, dating photographer Tomáš Třeštík (44)!

When a screenwriter René Decastelo (48) and his mistress, model, presenter and occasional actress Eva Decastelo announced the end of their marriage, it was a big shock for everyone. It soon became clear that René already had a replacement instead of his wife – the tall rugby player Eva Kornio Jung (41). But even Eva is no longer sad at home in the corner. Apparently, the well-known photographer Tomáš Třeštík enchanted her! The son of director Helena Třeštíkové (73) is said to have seen Eva very often lately …

Shooting at the hospital in Třinec! A car drove into the crowd in Berlin! And Decastelo is divorcing

“They met at work and meet in private, most often in a group. But the affection there is great and it is a bit more, “said a close friend of the photographer, whose marriage to the writer Radka Třeštíková (41) broke up last year, according to So we asked Eva directly. “I won’t comment on that yet,” Aha said! mysteriously Eva, but did not deny the relationship. According to our sources, these two lovebirds in love are only gradually looking for a way to each other, but it is already clear that it is really sparkling between them.

Eva Decastelo: I have to help myself to look!

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