The first wingsuit flight from a solar-powered plane

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Climb up to the stratosphere thanks to an electric motor, this is the main objective of the Solar Stratos. While waiting to achieve this feat, the two-seater aircraft at solar energy is the first electric aircraft from which a jump in wingsuit took place. This Saturday, June 18, in Verbier in Switzerland, the plane piloted by its creator, Raphaël Domjan took off from Sion airport with Géraldine Fasnacht, a professional sportswoman who practices freeride snowboarding, base jumping and wingsuit flying.

After 55 minutes of flight, above the mountains of Verbier, Géraldine Fasnacht got out of the rear seat where the cockpit had been removed, to make her jump. She was able to move at a speed of 180 km/h downhill to land in the center of the village of Verbier in parachute.

The first wingsuit jump from an electric plane was made in Verbier on Saturday June 18. © SolarStratos Instagram

Target stratosphere in 2023


This particular event arouses curiosity and focuses attention on this SolarStratos, whose wings with a span of 24.8 meters are covered with solar panels to power the aircraft batteries. His autonomy would be more than 24 hours thanks to this system. Very light, the aircraft weighs only 450 kg with its pilot. It is based on the design of aircraft from the German firm Elektra Solar. Just like for this winsuit jump, the idea is to prove that it is possible to push the limits and go higher and further thanks to the renewable energies.

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