The first saliva pregnancy test will soon be available!

No more urine on your fingers! An Israeli company, Salignostics, has just developed a pregnancy test based on saliva analysis. This device, Salistick has just received CE marking and should in particular be available in several European countries. from the first quarter of 2023. A world first.

SaliStick, allows to detect pregnancy hormone Beta HcG present in the saliva – and this from the first day of a missed period. “Saliva is the key to rapid diagnosis for various medical reasons. It is the only non-invasive, easy and hygienic way to detect hormones“, says Professor Aaron Palmon, co-founder of Salignostics.

As bulky as a pen, this test could well substitute for urine tests and blood tests to detect pregnancy, he adds. Another advantage: it can be done anywhere, from the first day of late menstruation, thirty minutes after eating or drinking. Like urine tests, they are for single use.

Concretely, it suffices to place a foam stick in his mouth for a few seconds, before replacing it on its base. About ten minutes laterthe result is displayed, as for a normal test: one or two colored bands, depending on whether you are pregnant or not.

What do we know about the reliability of these tests?

The reliability of this saliva test has not yet been revealed.. However, this is essential data to guarantee – or not – that you are indeed pregnant.

Currently, the most reliable pregnancy tests are blood tests (100% reliable). Urine pregnancy tests, on the other hand, are 98 or 99% reliable, depending on compliance with their instructions for use and their date of completion.

Otherwise, the price of these saliva pregnancy tests is not yet known.

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