The first reactions of Nope, the new film by Jordan Peele arrived

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The horror film starring Keke Palmer, Steve Yeung and Daniel Kaluuya will only be released in Latin America at the end of August.

Daniel Kaluuya returns to work with Jordan Peele.
© IMDbDaniel Kaluuya returns to work with Jordan Peele.

After what’s done in get-out Y Us, jordan peele consolidated himself as one of the directors with his own label with the greatest present and future in an industry that is completely crossed by mass productions turned into sagas or remakes. The director was awarded a Oscar for the libretto of his first work and since then it was impossible to take his eyes off everything that bore his signature. So when he started the mysterious promotion campaign for nopehis next film, interest grew more and more.

In just over a month, nope will land in the theaters of Latin America by the hand of Universal Pictures. However, long before this launch, it will begin to be seen in other markets such as the North American, where its premiere will take place this Friday. In this context, the first reactions to the film began to be published and what must be said is that the opinions agree that we are facing one of the great releases of 2022.

The account of Twitter @Horrolosers was in charge of collecting some of the most important opinions, highlighting the great work done once again by jordan peele. It is worth noting that with the first 60 opinions, in Rotten Tomatoes This is supported by an admirable 90% approval for this project that was little told and only some images were revealed in a trailer that told very little. “The first reactions of NOPE they are sensational. They talk about a work very different from everything he has done jordan peelewith influences from Spielberg, carpenter Y hitchcocka return to the Sci-Fi of the 50s with terror to the tremors and full of ‘big screen spectacle’”wrote the horror account.

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Frank Pallotta assured that nope it’s from another world. A monstrous combination with great performances (especially Kaluuya) and a 1950s invasion sci-fi style”. Furthermore, he defined it as a carpenter of the next generation”.

Erik Davisnoted that nope it was “one of the best films” he saw in the year and defined it as “scary and fierce, yet funny and unlike any alien movie you’ve ever seen”.

Shannon McGrew assured that the film is “otherworldly and yet indescribable”while telling that it will be difficult to forget this experience. Chris Killianfor his part, pointed out that nope It has many layers that will not be able to be interpreted in a single viewing.

simon thompson highlighted that nope has influences from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Shark and more. “Swap the exclamation marks of horror for the question marks of science fiction and have fewer scares”counted.

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