The first photos of Cande Tinelli and Santiago Urrutia together after the rumors of separation: dinner and meeting with dad Marcelo

Some days ago, a clue in instagram sparked separation rumors between Cande Tinelli and santiago urrutia and a rapprochement with his ex Coti Sorokin. However, the daughter of Marcelo Tinelliwhatwho maintains a strong confrontation with Guillermina Valdes, He went out to dinner with the racing driver at an elegant restaurant, where his father was also present.

This is how Cande Tinelli spoke of her relationship with Guillermina Valdés!

After separating from the musician because of an alleged infidelitythe fashion designer seems to have turned the page in every way: she joined as a new panelist of THE M, where he began his confrontation with his father’s ex-partner by giving an unfiltered opinion about his ex-relationshipand bet on love again with the 26-year-old Uruguayan motorist.

“With Cande Tinelli and Santiago Urrutia”wrote Marcelo Tinelli in instagram along with a photo of his daughter and his new son-in-law, providing what would be the first official image of the new couple, who had already been seen together on a vacation in Spain.

Marcelo Tinelli with Cande Tinelli and Santiago Urrutia in a restaurant.

Photo: Instagram (/marcelotinelli).

The post was replicated by cande, who advertised his brand with scenes of Juliet from “Big Brother 2022”and Santiago in their respective personal accounts, although they did not add any type of comment or reaction emoji.

In this way, the pair of Sing Tinelli and santiago urrutia enjoyed an intimate outing on Thursday night at the charming restaurant “new fires” of Meme Bouquetthe husband of Maria del Cerrowhere they dined and tried exotic cocktail drinks.

Cande Tinelli and Santiago Urrutia together at the exit of a restaurant.

Photo: City Magazine.

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