The First Man, Robin Renucci and Bertrand Cervera at the Poc

We can never read Camus enough. You can also listen to it and experience it on stage thanks to this creation, revealed in Bastia in 2020. It is Robin Renucci’s bet with the solo violinist Bertrand Cervera to share with you the latest manuscript of the Nobel Prize-winning writer. died in a road accident in 1960. The show Le Premier homme is to be seen on Friday January 21, 2022 at the POC theater!

The First Man is the work that was working Albert Camus at the time of his death. This tragic January 4, 1960, the manuscript is found in the back of the damaged car. Robin Renucci, along with Bertrand Cervera on the violin, we will share excerpts from this autobiographical novel, sincere and moving, remained unfinished.

Camus looks back on his childhood in Algeria, in a small apartment in a poor suburb of Algiers, with games in the street, friends and characters. And there is the family: his father whom he did not know; his mother, his immense love, a gentle and courageous mother, housekeeper; his uncle cooper, handsome and radiant; his grandmother, his brother.

He redraws the path of a destiny all mapped out towards learning any kind of work to help his own. But a teacher will turn everything upside down. It opens the windows of reading, of the imagination, it puts words on emotions, it understands children, it tears them out of programmed misery and above all it feeds their hunger for discovery.

The hero of the First Man carries two worlds in his heart and wants to pay homage and justice to them: the world of books and the world of the destitute. “In short,” he said, “I am going to talk about those I loved”.

Adapted by Evelyne Loew / Design: Bertrand Cervera and Robin Renucci / With Bertrand Cervera and Robin Renucci

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Photo: Albert Camus, goalkeeper, among his RUA teammates in Algers.

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