The fire ravages a chalet and degrades a second in Sosoye: “The fire is not criminal, contrary to what I have heard or read”

The awakening was brutal on Sunday for the residents of the small residential park Le Clavia, in Sosoye (Anhée). Around 5:30 a.m., a fire broke out in one of the twenty or so chalets in this area set in the countryside.

The fire quickly destroyed a chalet being renovated. The firefighters of the Dinaphi and Val de Sambre areas, if they contained the fire, could not prevent the flames from affecting a neighboring dwelling. This one, which was occupied by Carole, is partially destroyed and completely uninhabitable.

▶▶ Our photos and videos.

▶▶ Carol explains: “The annex that served as my dressing room completely burned down. “She was also a victim of a flight the night following the disaster.

▶▶ On the other side of the palisade, concerning the accommodation that Michel Habrant was busy restoring, only a blackened framework remains. “Contrary to what I have heard or even read, the fire is not criminal,” he assures. His full testimony.

▶▶ However, the Namur public prosecutor’s office intervened.

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