The Films Turning 5 Years Old in 2021 and You Forgot (Or Didn’t Know) They Had Been Released!

Even for those who love and live for the movies, it is often difficult to follow everything that is released. And that fact becomes more and more true with the flurry of offers we now receive beyond the theaters, also on streaming platforms – which start to bottle up and make life for fans more and more complicated. We need to filter out what we really want to see – it’s already becoming impossible to check everything like before. What is really curious is the phenomenon that makes certain films simply disappear from the face of the Earth. It turns out that there are those movies that debut so far below the radar that many are not even aware that they have already been released, noticing it a few years later – or perhaps for a long time. The strangest thing, however, is when a movie even generates some buzz before it premieres, we get excited, we check it out, we like it, but for some reason a short time later it just ceases to be relevant and disappears from the map, falling into oblivion. It’s the resonance factor.

This evil does not only affect critics, box office failures or small independent productions. We can even see it with well-attended feature films, critical successes and the involvement of big names. To show how this aforementioned phenomenon works, we selected in our latest article productions that have aged just 5 years since their release, but which most of them have forgotten, or even become aware of. All with well-known stars, stars and directors. Check it out below and comment.

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We started the list with a real Oscar promise from five years ago. Indeed, when the historical drama made its debut at the Sundance Festival in 2016, everyone was screaming to the four winds that it would be the sweeping work of the Academy Awards. Based on the true story about a slave rebellion, the most interesting of the birth of a nation it was that it subverted the 1915 classic – a technical milestone, however, considered a racist film in extolling the Ku Klux Klan. Despite being very dignified, the new version ended up being swept under the radar thanks to the controversy involving the protagonist, director, screenwriter and producer Nate Parker, accused of rape in college. To make matters worse, in the cast we have Armie Hammer, owner of its own overwhelming scandals today. In other words, it became, for lack of a better word, a damn movie.

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What would you say to a movie starring Charlize Theron, Javier Bardem e Adele Exarchopoulos (then exit from success Blue is the hottest color), and directed by Sean Penn? A must see, right? Having premiered at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, this is another feature that had all the pomp of Oscar. The case here was the extremely negative reviews that massacred the film, causing its theater debut to be canceled in many countries, such as Brazil, where it received a direct release on VOD. The film was a pet project of the actress Robin Wright, which brought Bardem and Penn aboard. When Wright and Penn broke up in real life, the actor took over the direction and brought in his then-girlfriend Charlize Theron to take on the role of his ex. The plot shows a group of doctors and volunteers helping in inhospitable and needy places in Africa, however, it has absurd values ​​such as the “romanticism of giving someone AIDS”. WTF!

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Another one who “screamed” Oscar before its release. That’s because this romantic movie about the eccentric and reclusive millionaire Howard Hughes would mark the veteran’s triumphant return Warren Beatty, himself away from Hollywood then for nearly twenty years since the fiasco of his last comedy Rich, Beautiful and Infidels (2001). Written, directed, produced and starred by Beatty, as he liked to do, before the trailer for the film began, they were presented with the iconic artist’s credentials, and his work in productions Oscar awarded as Reds, Heaven can wait, Shampoo, Dick Tracy, Bonnie & Clyde, Bugsy e Politically Incorrect. Yes, this should be the actor and filmmaker’s triumphant return to the Academy’s graces. However, the story about a young aspiring actress (Lily Collins) in the middle of a love triangle between Hughes (Beatty) and his driver (Alden Ehrenreich) was solemnly ignored by voters, with most people not even being aware of its existence.

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All the films on the list had enormous potential, which unfortunately was not realized. That’s because in all these features presented there is no lack of talent involved. As we know, the comedy program Saturday Night Live is one of the biggest exporters of comedy stars to the big screen. That’s where they left Eddie Murphy e Bill Murray, for example. But not everyone manages to make this transition to cinema. Is the case with the ubiquitous star Tina Fey. Absolute success on the show, talented scriptwriter for other TV shows, but in cinema we just can’t name a great movie of yours. Here, she tried again directed by the pair who delivered the darling Foolproof love (2011) and with the participation of none other than the muse Margot Robbie in the same year that Harlequina would live for the first time. Despite all these attractions, this film about a group of war reporters covering the conflict in Afghanistan went blank, in Brazil being released straight to video. Have you ever heard of it?

Another very authorial director, the filmmaker Jeff Nichols marked his career with works celebrated as bandit love (2012), reaching the Oscar with the underrated Loving: A Love Story (2016). In the same year as his most prestigious film, Nichols decided to bet on something, let’s say, more focused on escapist entertainment, with science fiction Special destination. It’s curious because this movie was released in the same year as the first season of Stranger Things and loads some of your themes; like a child with supernatural gifts drawing the attention of government officials, making his father and friends become unfold to protect her. However, here everything is taken in a more serious, dramatic tone, and without any use of humor. the boy, lived by Jaeden martell followed to star It – A Coisa (2017) e Between Knives and Secrets (2019). Other than that, the feature has a true Hollywood constellation, see Adam Driver, Kirsten Dunst, Michael Shannon e Joel Edgerton. Stranger Things became sensation, while Special destination fell into complete ostracism.

Speaking of Stranger Things, here we have one of the “veteran” members of the series, the young Charlie Heaton, who play Jonathan Byers, brother of the missing boy at the beginning of the series. Who stars in this horror drama is the Oscar nominee Naomi Watts. In the film, she plays a psychologist who works at home and lives in isolation taking care of her vegetative child. Until she decides to take care of another boy in search of a temporary home. When this new boy disappears from her care in the midst of a blizzard, strange events leave the woman doubting her own sanity. Heaton plays the vegetative son and the sensation boy Jacob Tremblay (then fresh off the success of Jack’s Room) lives the missing boy. hostage to fear was planned as Watts’ triumphant return to the genre that put her on the map with The call in 2002. A curiosity is that the script for the film was on the so-called “black list” of 2013 of the most interesting that had not yet been filmed in Hollywood. Despite all these attractions, for some reason the movie just didn’t take off and disappeared off the map.

How about a movie that features actors like Keanu Reeves, Jim Carrey e Jason Momoa? A curious mixture to say the least, right? And what would you say to me if I told you that this movie already exists, but that almost no one has seen it or even knows about it? cannibal loves is a post-apocalyptic drama about a devastated planet, in the best style Mad Max, where we will see the emergence of new concepts of society “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”. The film is written and directed by the English Ana Lily Amirpour, which drew attention with its debut feature, conceptual horror dark girl walks through the night (2014), about an Iranian vampire in a burka. In cannibal loves the protagonist is Suki Waterhouse, which ends with the members devoured by a sect of cannibals, headed by Momoa. On her way she encounters exotic characters like Keanu Reeves’ mobster and Jim Carrey’s mute wanderer.

Many actors decided to take the big step in their career and jump behind the camera to become directors as well. It was the case with the talented Ewan McGregor, who carried out this transition five years ago. A pity that many have not seen it and so many others are not even aware of his efforts as a director. For his directorial debut, McGregor chose to adapt the book of Philip Roth about the generational conflict of a family and its different political and social visions. McGregor also stars as a married family man to the Oscarizada character Jennifer Connelly. Conservative clerics, they were featured in high school – he a sports star and she a beauty queen. In the 1960s, the two will have a huge headache with their daughter, the role of Dakota Fanning, who has become a staunch activist, increasingly moving towards violent extremism in her acts of protest and insurgency. A fervent work, which could have made it to the Oscars, that is, if more people had paid attention to it.

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