The film that was filmed for 12 years and has become a favorite on Netflix

  • The tape was recorded between 2002 and 2013
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In the art world, creators are always behind new ways of telling the world. The cinema, for example, did not remain in its classic structure that impresses with images and sounds, but also has been innovated in the narrative plane and in the way of rolling. And there is the case of a tape that was filmed for 12 years by the same cast of actors who grew older and older when they met again on set. The film is on Netflix and is part of the favorites of the public.

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Altogether, they were 39 days of work on the set that the group of actors had, between 2002 and 2013. Viewers can see how the protagonists of the plot change, naturally, without makeup or replacements, all according to the director’s proposal.

The tape is “Boyhood: Moments of a Life“, the movie of Richard Linklater which appeared in 2014 with the leading roles of Ellar Coltrane, Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette. Learn more about the film that has surprised the streaming public and on which other platforms you can see it online.

Manson as a child, wearing a shirt with horizontal lines, in one of the first scenes of “Boyhood” (Photo: IFC Films)


The movie is record of a family in timefocusing on the character of Manson Evans Jr.who starts the plot with six years of age. His parents are divorced and has an older sister named Samantha. The separation from their parents will not be the only thing that changes their lives.

History moves, at the extremes, with the choices Olivia makesManson’s mother, for having a better future for your family. The woman will first move hers to Houston so she can study at the local university and get a better job.

In this way, start a series of twists in the family dynamic, especially for the couples who come into Olivia’s life. But the focus is mainly focused on Mansonwho is seen growing up in different schools, family events, visits from his father, who is also called Manson, his illusions, loves and frustrations.

“Boyhood: Moments of a Lifetime” is filmed over a decade to capture the essence of the passage of time in its characters. It’s a coming-of-age that shows the processes that a family and its members go through, the miraculous moments and the disappointments, the fact that, many times, people get carried away by the years, without taking advantage of the times that, inevitably, pass with a speed inclement.

Manson as a teenager during the film (Photo: IFC Films)
Manson as a teenager during the film (Photo: IFC Films)


  • Ellar Coltrane – Mason Jr (Son)
  • Patricia Arquette – Olivia Evans (Mother)
  • Ethan Hawke – Mason Sr. (Father)
  • Lorelei Linklater – Samantha
  • Marco Perella – Bill Welbrock
  • Zoe Graham – Sheena
  • Libby Villari – Grandmother
  • Jenni Tooley – Tammy
  • Brad Hawkins – Jim
  • Charlie Sexton – Jimmy
  • Stephen C. Leyva – Eliab Rangel
  • Silem Rangel – Xilent
  • Jessi Mechler – Nicole
Ehtan Hawke in a shirt during a scene from "Boyhood" (Photo: IFC Films)
Ehtan Hawke in a shirt during a scene from “Boyhood” (Photo: IFC Films)


The movie “Boyhood: Moments of a Life” It is available on the Netflix streaming platform. the tape of Richard Linklater It can also be seen online on HBO Max.


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