The federal police arrive in large numbers in Hensies: the police are carrying out an evacuation, here is what happened!

Around 4 a.m., on the night of Saturday to Sunday, Éric Thiébaut, mayor of the town of Hensies, was awakened for a rave party. “I received a call from the duty officer around 4 am. He informed me that a rave party was in progress on the site of the old coal mine of Sartis. It is an unauthorized organization of which we had not been aware, ”confirms Éric Thiébaut.

As a reminder, a rave party is a gathering around underground electronic music, usually organized in the middle of nature or in deserted places. However, it is still essential to ask for authorizations!

>>> The noise could be heard… all the way to Bernissart!

>>> This is what participants risk

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