The father of Nathan, an 8-year-old child who died after eating a Buitoni pizza, testifies: “I had the feeling of murdering my son”

Nathan, 8, lost his life on the night of February 17 to 18, two weeks after eating a Fraich’Up pizza from Buitoni. His dad, Yohan, returned to the drama in an interview with RMC: “I will never forget this February 17, when the hospital called me urgently. I found my son Nathan in his bed with someone standing there massaging him. This was his second cardiac arrest of the evening. This is the last image I have of my son, ”he told our colleagues.

On Friday, February 4, Yohan bought two Buitoni brand frozen pizzas for his children. Two days later, Nathan was hospitalized: “Initially I really had a feeling of guilt because I fed my son, I gave him this pizza and I had the feeling of murdering my son”.

“I made a child to take care of it, not for it to die at 8 years old. It’s been since February 18 that my child left, every day I find the strength to get up but it’s not easy, ”says the dad.

He appeals to the government

Yohan now hopes for a reaction from the French government and in particular from the Minister of Health, Olivier Veran: “today we are in the country where children are dying because industrialists do not respect the rules and we do nothing. […] We must take a stand so that there are strong actions and that all this does not happen anymore, ”he says.

A total of 55 children and one adult have been infected, without a direct link having been established to date with the consumption of pizzas, according to health authorities.

Explaining that the control of food factories “does not fall within (his) ministerial perimeter”, Mr. Véran affirmed that he had done “as soon as there was the alert” in mid-March “everything that could be done in terms of sanitary conditions to ensure that there are no other cases of contamination”.

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