The fat-burning diet to quickly destock

It’s decided, you adopt a fat burning diet to lose extra pounds. Be careful, the goal is not just to burn calories, but fat!

Some foods have beneficial effects on fat burning. From fruits and legumes to foods rich in calcium or chromium, or drinks like green tea, discover your slimming allies to lose weight and be healthy.

There are four of them and are a staple in your diet.

“These nutrients promote, because of their specific mode of action, the degradation of fat reserves and consumption, explains Nathalie Vogtlin, dietitian-nutritionist. “They each have their role”.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C acts on several levels on the elimination of fats.

“She helps to produce norepinephrine, a hormone that drives fat out of the cell, and it is involved in the production of carnitine which helps transport fats from the blood to cells where they are then burned. It also strengthens the connective tissue, by limiting the orange peel “, specifies the dietician.

To start weight loss, it is recommended that you consume one gram of vitamin C / day, or the equivalent of 100 g of acerola, 500 g of blackcurrant, 500 g of red pepper, 1 l of orange juice, etc.


Calciumstimulates the metabolism and therefore reduces the accumulation of fat in adipocytes. It also helps to excretion of fat in the kidneys and stools “, explains the dietician.

The recommended daily allowances are 0.8 to 1 g or the equivalent of 80 g of Emmental, 100 g of cantal, 500 g of fromage blanc, 5 yogurts, and if you don’t like dairy products too much, 700 g of broccoli, 700 g of green beans …


Magnesiumhelps the body burn sugars. In the event of a deficiency in this mineral, the body stores these sugars in the form of fat “, explains Nathalie Vogtlin. Our daily needs are 400 mg, or the equivalent of 100 g of Brazil nuts, 100 g of tarragon, 120 g of almonds, 200 g of green beans, 200 g of dark chocolate, 1/2 l of Donat mineral water …


Chrome “is a trace element which acts primarily on insulin”, explains Jean-Yves Roubertou, responsible pharmacist at EA Pharma. “The promotes the use of glucose by cells to transform it into energy,and not store it as fat. It also has a direct action on adipose cells, which is in addition to its action on insulin, and slows down the feeling of hunger “.

Daily needs are estimated between 55 and 65 µg, i.e. 200 g of dates, 100 g of oysters, 50 g of mussels …

“The fibers, in particular the soluble ones, that is to say the pectins and the mucilages, decrease the digestive absorption of fats, because they trap them in the digestive tract and eliminate them through the stool “, recalls Nathalie Vogtlin. “Thus, soluble fiber limit fat assimilation in adipose tissue and also help lower cholesterol “.

Fibers also have the ability quickly bring a feeling of satiety, and of promote intestinal transit. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends consuming 25 g of dietary fiber per day, or the equivalent of 50 g of wheat bran, 250 g of dried figs, 500 g of artichokes, etc.

What are the powerful low GI foods that burn fat?

They are real allies for losing weight, which have a beneficial effect on fat burning.

“Foods with a low glycemic index (GI), that is to say less than 55, help the body to de-stock fat to fuel muscles“, explains Nathalie Vogtlin.

They are preferred over high GI foods such as pastries, cold meats, sodas.“These are metabolized directly by the body in the form of fat, or they promote the secretion of insulin, which is also responsible for the storage of fat by the body”, she adds.

In addition to their slimming advantage, foods rich in water are perfect in the summer to avoid dehydration.

“These are fruits and vegetables that contain more than 90% water, and are rich in vitamins and minerals, this Nathalie Vogtlin. “They are also low in calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat “.

These foods do not burn or trap fat. They act indirectly.“The body, to digest them, spends a lot of energy, more than these foods provide”, explains the dietician. “The body therefore draws on its reserves and creates an energy deficit, resulting in a loss of fat and weight “.

Stay hydrated by drinking the best slimming plants

The advice of Dr Franck Gigon, phytotherapist, for hydrate useful throughout the day with these three slimming plants.

  • Green tea is recommended, because it contains epigallocatechins (tannins) which promote fat reduction by activating thermogenesis. How to drink the drink in practice: 4 to 6 cups of green tea infusion per day;
  • Green coffee contains caffeic and chlorogenic acids which decrease the intestinal absorption of sugar after meals, increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin and thus minimize fat storage. How to drink the drink in practice: infuse 7 green coffee beans overnight in a large glass of water. Filter and drink 3 cups a day;
  • Mate contains ma tein which promotes fat loss by increasing caloric expenditure at rest. It is an effective fat burner. How to drink the convenient drink: 3 cups of infusion per day with lemon juice.

Program: 1 summer week of menus and fat-burning meals

It is often the summer that we want to burn fat and lose a few pounds. Discover in this slimming program seven days of balanced menus, in which are integrated nutrients that accelerate the burning of fat to start your weight loss. Enjoy while on a fat burning diet!


  • Breakfast : coffee, tea without sugar or sweetened + 1 to 2 slices of wholemeal bread +1 slice of skinned, defatted chicken breast + 1 white cheese with red fruits;
  • Breakfast : 1 slice of melon with ham + monkfish with rosemary and caramelized tomatoes + 1 slice of cereal bread + 1 portion of Roquefort;
  • Collation : (to take if necessary in the morning or afternoon) 1 small pot of lemon cream;
  • Having dinner : 1 tomato soup with chervil + 1 or 2 whole canapés with green asparagus + 1 unsweetened Bulgarian yogurt.


  • Breakfast : coffee or tea without sugar + 1 or 2 whole Swedish rolls + 1 portion of cream cheese + 1 apple-strawberry compote;
  • Breakfast : 1 gazpacho with red peppers + saddle of rabbit with lime + 1 portion of turnip puree + 1 small jar of vanilla cream;
  • Collation : 1 flambéed banana;
  • Having dinner : aubergine gratin + 1 slice of cereal bread + 1 frosted lemon.


  • Breakfast : coffee or tea without sugar + 1 bowl of müesli + 1 salad of seasonal fruits (strawberry, melon …) + 1 plain white cheese;
  • Breakfast : blanquette de la mer + 1 portion of whole wheat with vegetables + 1 white nectarine;
  • Collation : 1 apricot compote;
  • Having dinner : stuffed artichokes + 1 vanilla flan.


  • Breakfast : tea or coffee without sugar + 1 bowl of whole grains with chocolate shavings + 1 apple-mango compote;
  • Breakfast : thousand eggplant leaf with mozzarella + grilled prawns with garlic + steamed potatoes + 1 citrus carpaccio with spices;
  • Collation : 1 plain yogurt without sugar or sweetened;
  • Having dinner : mushroom soup + 1 slice of country bread + 2 slices of dried Grisons meat + 1 bowl of blueberries.


  • Breakfast : tea or coffee without sugar + 1 or 2 whole grain rusks + 1 slice of watermelon + 1 faisselle;
  • Breakfast : 1 cucumber gazpacho + 1 portion of roast chicken + ratatouille + 1 citrus gratin;
  • Collation : 1 slice of bran bread + 1 bar of dark chocolate;
  • Having dinner : 1 part of vegetarian lasagna + 1 part of lettuce, parsley and tomato + 2 plain Swiss biscuits.

On Saturday

  • Breakfast :tea or coffee without sugar + 1 bowl of whole grains with red fruits +1 fresh citrus juice + 1 white cheese without sugar or sweetened;
  • Breakfast : veal supreme with broccoli cream + wholegrain pasta + 1 part of strawberry clafoutis.
  • Collation : 1 peach compote;
  • Having dinner : mini-soufflés with tomato and olive oil + 1 slice of rye bread + 1 baked apple with cinnamon.


  • Breakfast : tea or coffee without sugar + 1 or 2 slices of sesame seed bread + 1 portion of fresh cheese + 1 squeezed orange juice;
  • Breakfast : pink radishes + marinated bouchot mussels and lettuce + 1 slice of rye bread + 1 portion of fresh goat cheese;
  • Collation : 1 apricot;
  • Having dinner : 1 salad of green beans and crushed walnuts (1 tbsp) + 1 slice of cold roast beef + 1 small bowl of currants.

Do not forget that physical activity helps to de-stock excess fat by activating the metabolism. If you are not a big athlete, it could be just walking instead of taking the subway, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, doing a few minutes of stretching or walking during breaks or after work. .

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