‘The Farm 13’: Marina Ferrari makes Mileide Mihaile cry over a haircut. See result!

Gui Araújo tries to convince Mileide to join Dayane: ‘A link’

After the formation of the farm, Gui Araújo went to talk with Mileide Mihaile and Sthe Matos to try to convince them to join forces with Dayane. The two refused and the influencer showed great resistance to her colleague’s game strategy.

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“There, I prefer to rely on Sol than on her. I prefer. [A Day] it was a smile, a hug, pushing and pushing mine on the knife.”, argued Sthe.

“You’re taking a long time to see things. You keep going with Bil’s idea and stick with it,” criticized Gui Araújo. Mileide is close to the ex-BBB, who has maintained a good relationship with most of the house. “No, it is a very distant reality”, pondered the businesswoman.

Bill later argued that he thinks Dayane “awakened” after two months and did right by approaching them. Sthe asked, inquiringly, if the model would then be an ally.

“It’s not an ally, but it’s a link. When you need to say ‘I’m going to save you and you’re going to save Teté’ and she’ll say ‘beauty’.”, replied the farmer. Ending the discussion, Mileide said she didn’t trust the model.

Mileide refuses to agree with Day: ‘If you want, put me on the farm’

After the frustrated pawn left her friends, Mileide and Sthe continued to debate the situation. The pivot of Dynho’s divorce claimed that she thought everyone had a misreading of the game and that she didn’t trust Dayane, not even for strategies at the rural headquarters.

Mileid agreed. “When she [Dayane] have available, my vote is on her and that’s it. If you want, put me in the fields.”, he said.

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