‘The Farm 13’: Dayane loses control with knife and rips Rico’s clothes after argument

How was the fight between Rico Melquiades and Dayane Mello in ‘A Fazenda 13’

Rico Melquiades has been the target of more than one situation in which he stirred up pedestrians and ended up suffering some kind of overreaction whose fans did not approve and asked for the participant’s expulsion. This time, the fight before Day’s act also involved Valentina, MC Gui, Dynho Alves and more pawns.

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While Mouse’s ex-stage assistant sang in the kitchen, Rico walked by and started teasing with a parody of music.

“The only song is this: ‘Speaks badly about everyone, speaks ill of everyone.’ I want to see who doesn’t speak about anyone here. The dog snake over there [Dayane] speak ill of everyone, of everyone!” he intoned.

The model listened and told the pawn to shut up. “He keeps singing God’s music and doesn’t even know how to preach love,” Dayane needled. “You’re no good, ridiculous! Prejudiced! Dog snake, no good! You’ve found the wrong person to mess with,” countered Rico Melquiades.

MC Gui enters the confusion of Dayane, Rico and Valentina: ‘Go take it in the c*’

Soon after, an exchange of name-calling, teasing and swearing started to happen and the comedians exposed, one by one, the comments that Dayane had already heard about his colleagues, who denied some and refrained from talking about others, saying only that he considered them ugly. what Rico was doing.

The influencer recalled when Dayane compared herself to Juliette, which she quickly denied, and also the time the model spoke ill of Mari Ferrari’s appearance.

In addition, the ex-friend brought up that Day would have spoken ill of Bil’s penis and that Mileide Mihaile was capable of anything, having planned a pregnancy for five years.

MC Gui got into the mess to defend his friends. “Take it in the c*,” he said to Rico Melquiades. The ex-On Vacation with the Ex went to the young man and replied, once again, that he liked to take it on the spot.

The funkeiro came closer to the comedian, but the two were separated by Valentina, who put herself in the middle to avoid a fight with physical contact. See the full video in the gallery above!

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