The Fantastic Story, Cary Elwes: "A reboot? It doesn’t seem like a great idea"

Cary Elwes reiterates his opposition to a reboot of the cult The Fantastic Story, which he interpreted 35 years ago alongside Robin Wright.

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For a couple of years, rumors have been circulating about a possible reboot of the cult The fantastic story. L’idea does not seem like it much to the male protagonist of the film, Cary Elwes.

A scene from The Fantastic Story

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Cary Elwes explained that he is still convinced that it is not a good idea to revisit The Fantastic Story, noting that if a film is popular and loved it is best to leave it alone:

“For studios, the cost of promotion and advertising has become so prohibitive now that they want to cut it. Their point of view is that when they reboot or remake, they have a target audience so they don’t have to spend as much on marketing. I understand. the motivation. But I believe that if a film is popular and well done, and people love it, it is definitely better to leave it alone. If a film has entered the hearts of the audience, then, for me, it is not a good idea. try to revisit it “.

Already in 20219 Cary Elwes was well convinced of his positions as he wrote on Twitter: “There is a shortage of perfect films in this world. It would be a shame to damage this.”.

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Idea shared by colleague Chris Sarandon who at the time told

“I don’t understand why anyone would need to remake The Fantasy Story or The Nightmare Before Christmas, because they are so specific. They are so iconic in so many ways and have such a cultural footprint, that I don’t see how it can be anything but a disappointment to people. who are fans of the originals, do it again “.

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