“The famous house 2”: premiere date, contestants and everything about the new season

When does season 2 of “The home of the famous“? The reality show has just finished its first installment, with Alicia Machado as the winner, who took $ 200,000 for being the audience’s favorite. The former Miss Universe thanked viewers for welcoming them in all these months of emotions and discoveries in the popular home. However, the other news that excited fans is that the television show will have another adventure on Telemundo.

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This is how he told it Héctor Sandarti, the Guatemalan actor who was in charge of conducting the television space. The development of this bet has left according to the work team, so it was renewed for one more season and new guests.

‘La Casa De Los Famosos’ more exciting and explosive than ever. Soon on Telemundo. They are ready?”Wrote the celebrity on their social networks. Fans of the production have received this announcement with excitement and hope that their favorites will be back in the finalists, as it happened with Manelyk González, Kelvin Renteria, Cristina Eustace and Pablo Montero.

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“I wake up satisfied, grateful and happy for the successful completion of a great project. La Casa De Los Famosos was a hit, thanks to the work of a great team of more than 200 people and the public that each night honored us with their preference. Thank you God and my family for being my support and inspiration “, said Sandarti after the completion of reality.

Alicia Machado was born on December 6, 1976 and will turn 45 in 2021. (Photo: Alicia Machado / Instagram).



The home of the famousWill have a season 2 according to the official announcement of presenter Héctor Sandarti, but the exact date of the premiere of the reality show. What the Guatemalan actor did say is that the new installment of the television production will return to the small screen in 2022 thanks to the reception of the public.


Similarly, the name of the participants from “The famous house 2″ Is still a mystery because there is neither an advance nor the wishes of the commissioned production regarding the competitors. Those who have recommended celebrities are the users on the networks. For example, many have proposed to Silvia Navarro, Brenda Zambrano, Frida sofia, Samadhi Zendejas, Adamari Lopez, Karine from Acapulco Shore and Niurka Marcos as figures of the next season.


Alicia machado took away 200 thousand dollars for winning “The House of Famous”, so it is expected that next season’s figure stay or increase a bit to make the competition juicier. The former beauty queen thanked the public for their support on the networks.

“Thank you, thank you very much to all who made La Casa de los Famosos possible, to the public who made this show enter their hearts and become the most watched on television. I owe my gratitude, love and loyalty to all those people who have achieved more than 40 million votes. “Machado said.

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Once the official result was known in the end of “The House of the Famous”, Mane’s followers attacked the production of the television space, suggesting that if the number of followers of both participants is compared, it is illogical that Machado has been proclaimed the winner.

“It is very silly to think that Mane lost when we can compare the Instagram accounts of both: Manelyk 13.1 million and Alicia 1.7 million, the difference is very big”, “All this is fraud, they had better said that the most ‘favored Machado’ was going to win to have stopped voting”, “It is that this was already rumored more than a month after knowing who would be the finalists, her name as the winner was already known”wrote the ‘Manelovers’ on Twitter.

Alicia Machado and Manelyk González reached the final of “The House of the Famous” (Photo: Telemundo)

With the adverse comments on social networks, the production of the Telemundo program, in an act of transparency, disseminated the data of the final, clarifying by how many votes Alicia Machado won. The television host was able to win the victory thanks to the 40 million 586 thousand 129 voters who gave her their support. For his part, ‘Mane’ had the support of his followers in Mexico and Europe.

“It is not the first time that a program like this has been so purchased, it is literally saved every week”, “It is not to throw bad vibes to Machado but do not invent Mane is the queen of reality shows”, “On Instagram the votes were closed but do not say that the difference was by so many millions because they do not even have them in elections in Mexico”, “Mane entered the middle and reached the final because of who he is, not because he bought the contest from the beginning”tweeters continued to reply.


Venezuelan actress Alicia machado became the winner of the reality show Telemundo with more than 40 million votes of the 61 million cast by the public, according to data released by the television network. Where did the rest of the participants end up and with how many votes?

  • Alicia Machado: 40, 586, 129.00 votes.
  • Manelyk González: 8,774,081.00 votes.
  • Kelvin Renteria: 8,419,382.00 votes.
  • Cristina Eustace: 3, 881,344.00 votes.
  • Pablo Montero: 969,737.00 votes.

Thanks dad, thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe who never leaves me alone. Thank you dad, I love you dad. Can not be“Said the former Miss Universe Venezuela upon learning of her triumph. In addition, he wrote on social networks: “We won. More than 40 million votes made me the winner of The House of the Famous, I love them”.

In an interview with People en Español, Alicia machado spoke about his experience in “The home of the famous”. “I take a suitcase full of experiences, teachings, I have learned many things from my colleagues, from coexistence in general. I believe that there are many elements of coexistence here inside that out there will be of great use to me to continue with my life, with my dreams.”, He assured.

Only the people who are in here and who live this unique experience know the strength of the feelings that are handled here inside and I know that the friendships that were made here are for life and I am a pirate of feelings: I go for life hoarding feelings and friends”He added.


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