The famous band that uses dogs to detect cases of coronavirus in their concerts


This musical group found an alternative method to prevent contagion in the backstage of their shows. Know the name of the musicians and how the particular test works.

This is the trash gang that innovated with their protocols.
© GettyThis is the trash gang that innovated with their protocols.

During 2020, the world stopped in the face of the same threat: the pandemic of coronavirus. Cinemas, theaters and massive events around the world had to close their doors to the public to take extreme care and prevent contagion. While everything tries to return to normal, there is a music band that decided to innovate and use dogs to detect positive cases during their concerts. Here we tell you who it is!

We talk about Metallica, the American trash band made up of James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett y Robet Trujillo. The group decided to hire Bio Detection K9, a company specializing in animal training to find those who may be infected. The measure does not have to do precisely with the public, but with the members of the backstage in charge of the shows working in the best way.

How does it work? All personnel who are part of the Metallica team behind the scenes, must enter the concert venue with their corresponding authorization. To do so, they will need to use the chinstrap for 10 minutes on the stadium grounds, and then place it on a line. Thus, the dogs will approach to carry out the recognition. In case of detecting a positive, the animal will sit down to mark it.

The effectiveness is very high, since –according to official data from the company responsible for the tests- the precision reaches the 99% validation, comparing it with medical studies. After checking hands and feet with their nose, the results ensured that this internal measure took good care of them. “Until now the dogs have been keeping him away. There was no positive”Said the head of operations, John Peets.

Also, the tests showed that, most of the time, it detects asymptomatic cases much faster than a PCR can achieve in a matter of hours. The training of the animals is supervised by Jerry Johnson, himself Air Force vet who had experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. Will other bands be encouraged to follow Metallica’s protocols?

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