The families that will not reappear in the new chapters of “Pasión de gavilanes 2”

There is very little left for “Passion of hawks 2″ Is released on the Telemundo television network. With this will come thousands of surprises that have been announced in this production that was a success in its first installment. But something that greatly worries fans and followers is knowing which characters will not reappear in the soap opera.

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Almost 20 years have passed since it was released “Passion of Hawks”-First season- becoming one of the most preferred by the public, both in Latin America and in the United States and Spain. Likewise, after several rumors of a possible second season of the successful Telemundo production, the mystery was finally revealed.

In 2022 this great production will be able to be seen again with new and exciting episodes with new experiences between the members of the Reyes and Elizondo family, as part of the second installment of “Passion of Hawks”.

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Pasión de gavilanes 2 will be released in 2022.

Those who have followed this telenovela from its first chapter very much want the characters from the first season to return; however, there will be some changes and actors that will no longer be in this second installment.


Passion of Hawks”Is a story where you see the Reyes brothers and the Elizondo sisters, who go through different situations between hate, love and disappointment.

The success of this telenovela has also been thanks to the rest of the characters, some of whom will no longer be in this second season. This was reported by the actress Danna garcia, through his social networks (Instagram) where he made a live broadcast.

This happened on Monday, November 15, where he revealed some details of this Telemundo production such as the non-appearance of Dínora Rosales’s family, who died in the first season.

Dínora’s family of course is not there because that character has already passed away, so that family disappears“Said the actress.

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Although this will not be the only family that will no longer be seen. “LThe family of Leandro (Santos) is not there, that is, that family by script does not exist, it never existed, it was never written. This story was conceived more than a year ago, almost two years ago, that is, if more than a year and a half ago certain families were not conceived, unfortunately they could never have called characters that belonged to those families because they are not in the script”, He declared.

But just as there are those who will not reappear anymore, there are other characters who will be, as is the case of the actor Michel Brown who plays Franco Reyes.

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The actress could not hide her excitement to be part of the cast of “Passion of Hawks”And that together with his colleagues they will demonstrate their great talent in each of their chapters.

We are happy, I don’t know how to explain it. We were very young when we recorded the first time and almost 20 years later we found ourselves in a super comfortable place, I think each of us was very comfortable as people, at least the sisters, and also very comfortable together.“, said.

I do feel that it is like a sister relationship, I don’t know how to say it. Imagine what it is like 18 years later, that is, it is like a reunion with a relative that you have not seen for a long time but that you have a lot of history with that person, there is enormous affection and it is very beautiful”, Noted Danna García.

Colombian actress Danna García participated in the first season of Pasión de gavilanes.
Colombian actress Danna García participated in the first season of Pasión de gavilanes.


While the second season of “Passion of Hawks“It will have the same essence as the original story, there are some changes, according to the actress. Danna garcia.

The great protagonist, I think, is history. It is a big story where it no longer focuses only on couples (…) I know that all of you have an expectation regarding what we did in season 1, but remember that this is a vision of the writer, how he envisioned a projects or this family how it evolved, then it is no longer about us 6, now it is about the clan, that is, a great world”, He sentenced.

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