The Fairy Troublemaker: the poster of the animated film exclusively

Exclusively for, here is the poster of the animated film The Fairy Troublemaker, arriving in theaters from January 12th.

The animated film The Fairy Troublemaker will be previewed on November 25 during the third edition of Heroes International Film Fest, and exclusively for you can see the posters.
The feature film directed by Caroline Origer will premiere during the Festival to be held at the Casa del Cinema in Rome which celebrates artists and professionals in the sector, and will then be released at the cinema on January 12, 2023 thanks to Plaion Pictures.

The Fairy Troublemaker Official Italian Poster From January 12th At The Cinema

The Fairy Troublemaker Movie Poster

The film The Fairy Troublemaker is an enchanting European work full of suspense, humor and magic, which tells the incredible journey of a little girl who suddenly stumbles upon a bungling fairy.
In the poster you can see the protagonists of the adventure that will be told in Caroline Origer’s work, the style chosen for the animation and a small preview of the contents at the center of the story.

On the big screen we will discover what happens when Violetta, a colorful and sassy fairy, gets lost in the human world. To return to the world of fairies, she must join forces with a vivacious twelve-year-old girl named Maxie, whose dream is to return to her grandmother’s country house. Together they embark on a magical adventure that will show both of them that, with a true friend, anything is possible.

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