The Fabulous, new Netflix drama that you should look forward to

SHINee’s Minho returns to dramas with The Fabulous, an eye-catching Netflix series that thrilled thousands with its trailer. This is what you should know about this new drama that could be released in a few weeks and that features the participation of Chae Soo Bin, Kim Min Kyu and more. Do you want to know why you should schedule its launch?

The Fabulous will be one of the premieres of the season, a new Netflix project that promises to deliver an eye-catching story full of luxury, partying and excitement, to discover what the world of fashion in South Korea is all about. Do you want to know more about this story?

Official poster of Netflix’s The Fabulous. // Source: Twitter @daily_k_drama

If you like them dramas in which the protagonists fight for their dreams, The Fabulous is a story that you should look forward to. Not only because they will show you a part of the high echelons of fashion in South Korea, but also because each character will catch you with their personality.

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Reasons why you should wait for The Fabulous to premiere on Netflix

The Fabulous will tell the story of four young people who want to succeed in the world of fashion. From a prominent photographer who has no passion for her work, to a girl who wants to show that she has everything to become a famous designer. The drama will feature scenes filled with exciting and colorful moments, partying between models, and more. Showing one of the brighter sides of fashion.

The protagonist is Ji Woo Min, a very popular photographer for having a great talent in retouching his work. However, he has long since lost his taste in what he does. On the other hand, there is Pyo Ji Eun, a girl who works as a designer for big fashion brands. Do you want to know more about the life of both?

The drama will star Minho from SHINee, his last drama was The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the World in 2017, making a couple of cameos in two more dramas so far.

In the case of the female lead, this will be played by Chae Soo Binwho recently appeared on Rookie Cops and was featured prominently on A Piece of Your Mind.

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When does the drama The Fabulous premiere?

The drama The Fabulous was to be released on November 4th. However, due to the tragedy in Itaewon, its release has been postponed and the new release date has not been confirmed. Fans who are waiting for its release hope that it will be confirmed in the next few days or before the end of 2022. The K-Drama will be available on Netflix.

In other news, did you know that SHINee’s Minho will be debuting as a solo artist? This is what you should know about his new album.

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