The expected return of Paz Padilla as La Chusa in “La que se avecina 14”

On November 18, 2022, Amazon Prime Video premiered season 13 of “The one that is coming”, the comedy series by Mediaset España and Contubernio Films that is also broadcast by Telecinco and that it has become one of the most popular in streaming.

In the midst of controversies, such as the one that arose Miren Ibarguren’s transformationthe Amazon Prime series continues to be one of the most tuned, leaving the door open due to the death of one of its main characters, so the new season is already being worked on.

In the last season, number 13, the production surprised with the return of important actors such as Jordi Sanchez, Nathalie Sesena, Paul Chiapellawhich fell very well between the years before the production created by the brothers Laura and Alberto Caballerowho will bet on another brand new return: Paz Padilla in the role of La Chusa.

“La que se avecina” premieres its 13th season (Photo: Mediaset)


Through his Twitter account, Alberto Caballero, creator of the series, confirmed the return of “La chusa”, one of the most beloved and endearing characters in all the seasons of “La que se avecina”.

During a round of questions and answers, one of the followers of the series asked the creator about the possible return of the character played by Paz Padilla, to which he would reply that his return to production is official.

Will ‘La Chusa’ return to season 14?”, asked the user Carlos Sotelo, to which Caballero did not hesitate to answer “Yes”.

The character, whose official name is unknown, was present in all installments since the beginning of the series, standing out in the ninth edition, so her disappearance in the thirteenth installment surprised more than one fan, who did not see her arrive. Collusion 49.

Although the reasons are unknown, they would respond to the lawsuit between Paz Padilla and Mediaset in 2022, for which the presenter was fired and later reinstated, but in this period, her projects were suspended, including her participation in the program.

At the moment, it is not known how the series will explain the absence of La Chusa from the events of season 13, which occupy several days in the chronology, but for the moment it is known that the actress will return with her peculiar clothing and funny expressions. .


The return of Paz Padilla to Telecinco not only implies his return to “La que se avecina”, but also that he will resume some projects, such as his own programs, that were left on the air with his departure.

In this sense, the chain is promoting “Déjate Querer”, a program in which the host will seek to improve family, professional or other problems between two or more people and which premiered on May 6 and lasted until October. of the same year.

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