“The Exorcist” Movies: The Correct Order of the Horror Franchise

The horror classic “The Exorcist” was followed by four sequels. We’ll tell you here in which order you should watch the films.

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When the horror film “The Exorcist” was released in 1973, it shocked audiences. But the story of Regan MacNeil (Linda Blair), a girl possessed by the demon Pazuzu, was not yet over. Four years later came the second film adaptation. They were followed by three more. And that’s not all: a series was added in 2016. Jason Blum is also planning a new sequel trilogy. It’s hard to keep track of things. We give you two variants in which order you can best enjoy the exorcist universe.

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“The Exorcist” Films: Order by Release

The ghost began over 45 years ago and the exorcist was called on for the first time. The cult director William Friedkin took over the direction of “The Exorcist”. He filmed the book of the same name, which the author William Peter Blatty had written. Linda Blair played little Regan, who is possessed by the devil. The effects were incredible for the time, and the flick has had a reputation for being the scariest horror film of all time.

So it’s no wonder that the series continued. Part two followed four years later. Here, too, Linda Blair plays the main role. In 1990, William Peter Blatty took over the director’s chair himself and shocked the audience with “The Exorcist III”. Although the film received mixed reviews at the time, it is now considered a cult film – not least because of the infamous jumpscare scene in the infirmary. After that it became quiet about the exorcist. Until two prequels came out in the 2000s and a series even appeared in 2016. The new trilogy, which will be released over the next few years, is also intended to continue the plot of the 1973 film.

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“The Exorcist” Films: Chronological Order

The chronological order makes things a little tricky. Because the prequels, ie “Exorcist: The Beginning” and “Dominion: Exorcist – The Beginning of Evil” both take first place, so to speak. In both films, Stellan Skarsgård plays the leading role, Father Lankester Merrin. Both films are set in the 1940s and tell the story of the priest who deviated from faith after witnessing Nazi crimes. He too gets into a fight with the demon Pazuzu, who years later will take possession of little Regan.

The shooting of the two prequels, which contributed to the parallels in terms of content, was also complicated. Originally, John Frankenheimer was supposed to direct, with Liam Neeson playing the leading role. But Frankenheimer died unexpectedly, whereupon Neeson also left. The solution: The author of “Taxi Driver” Paul Schrader took on the direction and Skarsgård took the lead. But the film studio was not satisfied with its version and ordered reshoots, which Renny Harlin (“Die Hard 2”) carried out. The result: “Exorcist: The Beginning”. After the film was not well received, Schrader was also allowed to finish his version a year later. The result was “Dominion: Exorcist – The Beginning of Evil”. The sequel trilogy by Blumhouse and the series from 2016 also overlap in terms of the timeline. Both tie in with the original film. The plot will most likely not coincide.

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  • “Exorcist: The Beginning” (2004) / “Dominion: Exorcist – The Beginning of Evil” (2005)
  • “The Exorcist” (1973)
  • “The Exorcist” trilogy (release date unknown) / “The Exorcist” (series, 2016)
  • “Exorcist II – The Heretic” (1977)
  • “The Exorcist III” (1990)

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