The exciting rescue of a dog that disappeared 4 months ago: it was found trapped in the snow

Last August Russ, a dog Pitbull and terrier mix, separated from their owners after a wildfire near Lake Tahoe, California, EE.UU.), will force his family to evacuate the area.

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Unfortunately, the dog escaped from the car where he was being transferred. The disappearance was reported to the animal services and an operation was quickly launched to find it.

The hours passed and, not finding it, it was assumed that the dog “It was lost forever”, said the organization ‘TLC 4 Furry Friends y Tahoe Paws’, a non-profit organization dedicated to animal rescue.

However, on December 16, a man who practiced skiing on Twin Peaks Mountain, west of Lake Tahoe, claimed to have seen a dog at the site. “He was in the snow, apparently unable to move, and he was growling at the man who was watching him”said the association. The subject took several photos and posted them on social media.

Photos of Russ, the dog who was found in the snow after being separated from his owners in August 2021

After learning of the fact, Leona Allen, an experienced animal tracker who works as a volunteer for ‘Furry Friends’, and her partner Elsa Gaule, decided to go into the heavy snow of the mountain to look for Russ.

As soon as they arrived at the place, they feared that the dog was dead. “So I got closer and he suddenly opened his eyes, raised his head and screamed. It was very moving. The year has been very hard for everyone and having this happy ending and being part of it has been very special “, declared in conversation with a local media.

Quickly, Allen and Gaule gained the dog’s trust and carried him down the mountain wrapped in a blanket on a sled.

Russ, who was found to be in good health, was reunited with his family within days. Thanks to the proceedings, the microchip was located in the dog and the owner was found.

The organization said that the owner was very excited to learn that the dog was alive.

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“This is a great reminder that it is important to microchip your pet and keep the record in your name. It is also essential that you report your pet to the local Animal Services office if it is lost. “added the association.

Why do dogs like snow?

Why do dogs like snow so much? The experts explain that the snow awakens the explorer that every dog ​​carries inside, stimulates the hunter inside and even activates his metabolism to protect him from low temperatures, the website details .

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