The exciting reaction of a deaf baby when hearing her mother’s voice for the first time

An American woman captured the moment when her daughter, a baby born deaf, heard for the first time thanks to special hearing aids. The emotional moment has turned viral on TikTok, where the record of the event accumulates more than a million reproductions.

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In the images you can see that the little girl goes from astonishment to crying, to end with a big smile on her face.

Christina PacalaThe mother said that she was not completely sure about sharing the scene on her social networks; however, he felt that it was necessary to do so, but including an important reflection.

“Hearing aids are not a ‘fix’ for deaf people. Deaf people don’t need fixing. (Headphones) are just a tool to access the sound. This was a very special moment for us “, he expressed.

Video of deaf baby hearing mother’s voice for the first time

“My husband and I welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Riley, into the world in October 2020.”Pacala said in conversation with local Fox News. “Shortly after Riley’s birth, through a series of tests with an audiologist, we learned that Riley is deaf. Our goal is to give Riley access to as many tools as possible to help her communicate and develop, including giving her access to both American Sign Language and spoken English. “.

Although the video was recorded a year ago, the material was only released on social media and shows how excited Riley was to hear from her mother for the first time.

“Riley is a smart, happy and very energetic girl”Pacala added. “She loves to play with blocks and dolls, listen to music, and write bedtime stories with her father every night. We are excited to share our journey and hope to help people understand that deaf children can do absolutely anything. “.

What is hearing loss in babies?

Hearing loss is the inability to hear sounds in one or both ears. Babies can lose all or only part of their hearing, the portal details Medline Plus.

What are the causes of hearing loss in babies?

Although it is not common, some babies may have some hearing loss at birth. Hearing loss can also occur in children who had normal hearing as infants, or it can get worse over time; while other times it remains stable and does not get worse. The loss can occur in one or both ears and can be mild, moderate, severe or profound, in the latter case, it is what most people call deafness; and on certain occasions.

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