The exciting confession of Zac Efron that revolutionized his fans


Zac Efron is one of the most beloved artists in the film industry and one of those who has marked thousands of fans and now those same followers were surprised by his confession. He knows what he said.

Zack Efron
© GettyZack Efron

Zack Efron achieved world stardom thanks to his leading role in High School Musical. The actor, in that trilogy of Disneygave life to Troy Bolton. This character was, without a doubt, a before and after in his career. And, although after these films he has participated in different projects, it was this one that marked a before and after in his life. Well, with him he was able to demonstrate all his talent and, in addition, position himself as a leading man in the industry.

This is because, since it first appeared in High School Musical, his physical appearance left thousands of fans fascinated around the world. Also, as he grew Zack Efron He was adapting to other roles, but even so, he continued to be one of the most beloved and recognized. However, despite the passing of time, his followers continue to remember Troy Bolton with lots of love.

So much so that Efron’s recent confession surprised those who want to see him again put himself in the shoes of Troy Bolton, the captain of the basketball team, but also the heartthrob of musical comedies. During an interview with E! News the interpreter revealed that he would love to return to East High School to make a remake of the story and be able to meet again with those who were his co-workers for so long.

“Of course of course. Seriously, getting the opportunity in any form to come back and work with that team would be amazing. My heart is still there. That would be amazing, I hope it happens.”were the exact words of Zack Efron. And that’s how his fans got excited again about the possibility of seeing the original cast, which includes Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Gabrel, Corbin Blue, Monique Coleman Y vanessa hudghensput yourself once again in the shoes of their characters.

Of course, it should be noted that beyond the time that passed, this is not the first time that Efron makes a mention about High School Musical. The truth is that the actor participated in different specials on the films, more than anything when they were commemorated, for example, 10 years after their premiere. In addition, he was also part of the presentation of the spin off that is taking place on Disney +.

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