The Eternals: The Eternals’ Unfair Treatment of Sprite

Chloe Zhao has confirmed the identity of a mysterious character in her latest film The Eternals. This time, it’s to talk about another character that we now know: Sprite. Endowed with the power of illusion, Sprite can do whatever she wants, including changing her appearance, which she has done a few times in the film. We also meet Sprite when she changed into an older woman at the start of the film.. Indeed, the Eternal has the appearance of a child unlike the other Eternals who have the appearance of adults. Throughout the film, Sprite is otherwise often teased by the Eternals about this difference. Isn’t that unfair contrary to what the characters have been able to show us?

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Sprite looks younger than others – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Throughout his life Sprite appears younger than others and is therefore treated as such by the inhabitants of Earth. Her face hints at a young age and yet she is over 7,000 years old, like the other Eternals. More than once in the film, moreover, the character played by Lia McHugh speaks of her discomfort, her desire to be treated like an adult and to be able to experience things that adult humans can experience: love between other. Beyond this treatment received from humans, The Eternals seem to want to treat her like a child as well.. Indeed, throughout the film Sprite claims not to feel comfortable with this childish physique, yet that does not prevent the other eternals from making fun of her. These mockeries therefore unfortunately lead to a discrediting of Sprite as well as its biggest complex.

This treatment seems far from what we have seen of the Eternals. They who seem so human to others don’t always hold that side when it comes to Sprite. Although this is minimal compared to what she must have gone through among human beings, the Eternals do not make it easy for her. It is also useful to remember that the mockery we see throughout the film comes from his friends. and not humans since they think she is really 11/12 years old, they have no reason to blame her for that. Yet Sprite knows how to be very mature and thoughtful when she wants to, like her decision to become a human at the end of the film. Moreover, we tell you about the fate of Sprite after the Eternals. We would have liked a fairer treatment towards her, that she be listened to more and less perceived as a child because after all she remains an Eternal with heavy responsibilities.

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