The Eternals: How many Eternals and Heavenly remain to be discovered?

What are the intrigues developed in Eternals 2 ? The post-credits scene from the first installment confirmed the idea that Thanos’ origins will be explored in a sequel. Indeed, the fact of introducing us to Eros (Harry Styles), who almost had a bigger role in The Eternals, means that we will soon know more about the past of the Mad Titan, certainly thanks to his brother. Starfox (Eros) is another member of the Eternals, and as he explained to Thena and the other superheroes on the Domo, he explains plenty more like them. But in all, do we know how many Eternals there are in the world? Likewise, how many celestials are present on the different planets and what are their roles?

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The Eternals – Credit (s): Disney, Marvel Studios

The exact number of eternals is difficult to determine. According to recent comments from Ryan and Kaz Firpo, the writers of the Eternals, they say they have decided between forty eternals to know who would have an important place or not within the feature film. As revealed Screen Rant, in the comics, we talk more about fifty eternals, but these two figures are not really far apart. While there is any doubt that we’ll find out about them all in the future, much of it will definitely be featured in future MCU movies. As for celestial beings, whose birth is linked to the proper functioning of Emergence on a planet, how many are there?

Unlike the Eternals, the MCU has featured multiple Celestials before! Fans got to meet Arishem, Ego (Kurt Russell), Knowhere (whose head is now a mining colony), Tiamut (at least, his hand), as well as Eson, Jemiah, Nezarr and Hargen during flashback scenes. In the comics there are 35 known celestials, and it must be about the same within the franchise. In addition to Tiamut, we can imagine that other celestials are about to be born in the world and we can’t wait to see what role they will have in the future! While waiting to learn more, find out which Thor’s villain could be a terrible threat to the Eternals.

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