The Engagés adopt their manifesto “for a regenerated society and their statutes”

The activists of this party, which prefers to define itself as a “political and citizen movement” after its “refoundation”, a participatory process of more than two years, approved the future statutes, accompanied by an appended Charter – to a large extent majority of more than 98% of the votes, where two-thirds was required.

The 191-page program manifesto was also adopted by 100% of voters – the rare abstentions were not taken into account and a simple majority was enough – after a discussion on the last nine amendments of an initial list. of 805 filed by the various components and sections of the turquoise party and largely pruned during a long “mixed commission” last Saturday.

The participants in the congress thus voted in favor of maintaining the Senate and the progressive imposition of gender parity on the boards of directors and management of public and private companies. They also approved a limitation to three, from 2024, of the number of mandates that a centrist parliamentarian can exercise and to two mandates for a minister.

The president of Les Engagés, Maxime Prévot, promised in his closing speech to continue this participatory process over the next few years. Each year, a convention will focus on five themes in order to adapt them to the evolution of society.

“We have finally come to the end of the process of reforming our party,” he declared to the militants and leaders of the former humanists and social Christians.

Addressing those who fear an abandonment of the Christian reference in the statutes of the party, Mr. Prévot assured that the Engagés will remain “eminent defenders” of the right to spirituality and freedom of conscience. “Believers, whatever their denomination, will therefore always have a place in our movement. Non-believers will also be welcomed with the same warmth. Diversity is an opportunity,” he said.

He also said he was convinced that “our alternative project will convince and win”. “2024 will be the year of regaining better electoral results, at all levels of power”, launched Mr. Prévot, referring to the general elections (legislative, regional and European) scheduled in two years and while the polls give his party regularly in decline, and particularly in Brussels, where he fell in the voting intentions below the electoral threshold of 5%.

2024 will be “the year of all commitments, of all committed men and women. The real power is our ideas and we have a lot of them. The enrages of the extreme left and the extreme right will not pass, ”he continued.

According to the president of Les Engagés, who will soon put his mandate back into play, “2022 and 2023 will be the years of consolidation for our new movement: we will create living areas, renew all bodies up to the presidency, survey the field to explain , debate, convince, mobilize, be in action,” he said.

Mr. Prévot explained to the Belga agency that the political assembly of the Engagés will stop on Monday the electoral procedure for the renewal of the presidency (and of the two vice-presidencies, editor’s note, a function for which a newcomer, the founder of the (para)pharmacy chain Medi-Market, Yvan Verougstraete, announced his candidacy on Friday).

The centrist president stressed that he had been elected in January 2019 and that he therefore “could have remained in place until the end of 2024”.

“But I find it would not have been intellectually correct to take advantage of this mandate as we complete a major overhaul process. And I need to make sure of the adhesion of the militants (?) for the continuation. I will apply,” he added.

Applications must be returned before May 27, before a few weeks of debate. The vote will take place on June 22 at a congress in Wavre.

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