The end of plastic in wallets: Citizen card and driver’s license in a mobile phone

“We are bringing the 21st century into the offices of the Czech Republic. The eDokladovka application will soon be a reality,” he announced on the Facebook social network Bartos. The launch of the application, in which only the citizen’s and driver’s license can be uploaded from the beginning, is planned to be launched at the end of 2023, i.e. in a year. “We already use phones today for payments and a number of other things,” added the Deputy Prime Minister, asking why not use mobile phones to prove identity.

No obligation

According to Bartoš’s office, i.e. the digitization section of the Government Offices, Czechs who do not understand technology need not worry. “No obligation is introduced, and we will not force anyone to have a smart phone. eDokladovka is only an alternative to a citizen’s or driver’s license. People will then be able to keep their plastic ID. It’s entirely up to them to prove themselves,” explained Aha! Anna Urbanová from the press department of the government section. According to her, after the launch, up to 50 thousand people could use the application per month.

Like Dot

The eDokladovka mobile application, which was developed and prepared by the State Printer of Valuables, can be downloaded to phones for free. It should work in the same way as the Dot, which people showed during the covid restrictions for confirmation of testing and vaccination. What should the proof of the electronic form of the ID card and driver’s license look like? During the inspection, the person concerned would open the application, click on the given document and a QR code (special pictogram) would be displayed, which the counterparty would read. Everything should also work in offline mode, i.e. without an Internet connection.

Plans for the future

Already now, drivers can have a so-called green card in their mobile phone, i.e. a certificate of valid liability insurance for the operation of the vehicle. Next year it should be a driver’s license and a national ID. However, digitization will not end there. The state plans to use the eDokladovka application much more. In the future, he wants to enable the uploading of other documents such as a passport, health insurance card, firearms license, disability card, residence permit, digital tachograph cards including a professional driver’s license, birth certificate or vehicle registration certificate.

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