The end of Kylian Mbappé’s Olympic dream?

Our national Kylian wants more than ever to participate in the Paris Olympics football tournament, in addition to Euro 2024 scheduled just before. But aren’t the signs of blunting observed during the League of Nations today mortgaging his Olympian dreams of a summer 2024 which promises to be damn busy?

On May 23, after having extended at PSG, Kylian Mbappé had again expressed on the set of TF1 his desire to compete in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, with the assurance of being able to be released in two years: “We talked about it in the outlines of the contract with the club. » And to continue, lyrically: “Sport is emotions, feelings. An opportunity to play such a competition in front of families, friends, the whole world watching you, it is not to be neglected, it is a childhood dream, I always said that I wanted to participate in it and I hope I get the chance. » We sometimes forget that the Bondynois Kylian was born in Paris. His city…

Privatization of the Blues on a personal basis?

Last year, because of Euro 2020 closer, Noël Le Graët had barred in June a Kylian wishing to compete in the Tokyo Olympics where the Blues were then ridiculed in July. In 2024, the PSG star will be 25 and a half years old and will be able to benefit from the possibility of being among the three players over 23 years old within the Blueberries automatically qualified for the 2024 Olympic tournament. he go to Euro 2024 in Germany (June 14-July 14, if the French team is qualified, of course!) and the Paris Olympics (July 26-August 11)? The physical glitches (bad shots, injuries, fatigue, virus, ENT problems) which have affected him this season and quite a bit during the four games of the League of Nations are questioning. Especially since in 2024, the former Monegasque will certainly have played a full, even very busy season (if Paris goes far in C1). However, in football, the passing years weigh more and more on the organizations with the accumulation of international competitions. At Euro 2024, with 24 teams, except cata, the Blues can go relatively far, and it is hard to imagine Mbappé skipping this or that match. Hence the risks of saturation well before the Olympics.

As we know, Kylian wants to leave a lasting mark in the world history of his sport. But isn’t he taking a somewhat megalomaniac risk and above all, isn’t he taking French football hostage by abusing his dominant position in Blue and at PSG in his undeniable capacity as the (almost) best player in the world? Are we off to a two year long soap opera to suffer its storytelling which consists of scrolling the countdown that separates us from the Euro and the Olympic Games in the summer of 2024? Isn’t it better to “unplug” Kylian now? Or ask him to choose between the Olympics with the Espoirs and the Euro with the A (but what will the coach, Deschamps or another, say in 2024?)… Kylian will overload his head for two years and risks transforming his strictly personal ambition into a destructive obsession. Last October, very saddened by the tricolor disaster in Tokyo, Noël Le Graët, who had informed the PSG striker of the FFF’s refusal to see him go to Japan, had left the door ajar to his participation in Paris 2024. is it today?

Neymar, Messi, gold medalists…

Kylian had not digested this refusal that he had been opposed to play the Euro then the Tokyo Olympics in the summer of 2021. But it was perhaps the path of wisdom. “Kyky” is fascinated by the Olympic gold medal that his two eldest, Messi and especially Neymar, won with Argentina in 2008 and Brazil in 2016. But winning the Champions League with Paris (and the Euro with les Bleus), isn’t that already a magnificent ambition in itself? Last summer, the Spaniard Pedri almost accomplished the feat of winning the Tokyo Olympics after having shone at the Euro. He had finally reached the semi-finals of the Euro and had obtained the bronze medal at the Olympiad. Realizing the crazy ambition of being “forever the first” to win the Euro and the Olympics, after having been world champion at 19, would certainly add tons of additional gilding to the fabulous destiny of the “Parisian Titi”. .. But Pedri, who was around 18 (an age when you recover much faster) had then accumulated injuries at the start of the season with Barça. He had, it is true, refused to take a vacation and take a break… But later, the talented Blaugrana was injured again in April 2022! In 2000, young Samuel Eto’o won the CAN and the Olympics with Cameroon. But he was 19, and the two competitions had been months apart. So, even if Kylian brilliantly investigates Euro and J0 2024, what state will he be in to continue the 2024-2025 season? Beware of overheating! Burnout, who knows?

And to make matters worse in terms of physical fatigue, UEFA has just announced the programming of an annual tournament, in mid-August 2024 (probably in the United States!), pitting four major clubs against each other Europeans, including the winner of the previous season. Just before the start of the Champions League… What if one of these “four big European clubs” was Kylian’s (PSG or even Real)? Which great stable will accept that its Kylian Mbappé investigates the Euro-JO-US Tournament combo in the summer of 2024? The debate deserves to be launched today: can Mbappé in 2022 submit the French team (and his future club) to his wishes for 2024? The French striker has more recently entered into bickering with the FFF on the question of his personal image rights by refusing to appear on certain advertisements of partner-sponsors of the French team, on March 22 in Clairefontaine. Care should be taken that it does not gradually become bigger than the France team. And that the FFF clearly decides on its double ambition for the summer of 2024. Before Emmanuel Macron intervenes again?

By Cherif Ghemmour

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