The end of Bedřich in the Street: Vyhazov after 17 years ?!

When the screenwriters of Ulice decided to dramatize Bedřich’s storyline with cancer, many viewers were already tapping their foreheads. For one person, it’s combined with everything Adrian does Jastraban as Bedřich experienced, simply too. The well of ideas on how to continue to develop Bedřich’s life naturally, so to speak, dried up. And just keeping this serial veteran, without whom most viewers could not imagine the Street, made no sense, not even for the actor himself. “I probably needed a change and I think that Bedrich also needs a little rest. He’s been through so much that we should leave him for a while. “ said in an interview with Nova Plus.

Within five years, what many people would not have experienced in their lifetime happened to Bedřich. The infidelity that gave rise to the baby, the breakup with longtime partner Anička by Ljuba Krbová (63), prostate cancer and the change of several partners are just a fraction of what Bedřich has been through in recent years. The last important chapter of Bedřich’s life was then the rough-haired Alice, who wanted to settle down with him. However, Bedřich no longer felt like starting a family at his age and due to health circumstances, so the only possible solution for both was a breakup.

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So many caroms are not easy to see, and the creators themselves have probably realized that they have exhausted all possibilities with this character. So what did they prepare for Bedřich at the end of the 17th season, which will be his last? “Bedřich has had a breakup, a misunderstanding about Lady’s daughter, which she wants to solve by being close to her. So he moves to Opava and plans to open a business there, so he didn’t have anything agreed yet, but he got some housing there. According to Bedřich, the craftsman always makes a living, which will probably be true, “ described his last moments in an endless series.

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Although the audience agreed that Beda’s storyline was not the strongest, the actor was sorry to leave. But it is even harder not only for the series colleagues, but also for the actor himself. “It was wonderful for them, I was lucky with them. I thank them all for their patience with me, I poked around sometimes. I wish the Streets series that the solid core of viewers will last and that they have something to watch. “ adds Adrian Jastraban with a smile.

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