The emotional cry of a man to see his quadriplegic girlfriend walking on their wedding day

She was in a wheelchair for more than a decade after an accident and for her wedding she managed to stand up. This is the amazing history Chelsie Hill and Jay Bloomfield, a couple that sealed their love in the best way, proving that the impossible do come true and what better than on the happiest day of their lives. The photographer of the marriage in the United States shared in a TikTok video the gesture of emotion of the groom when he saw her walking down the aisle and more beautiful than ever.

MORE INFORMATION | She is 27 years old and her daughter, 20: “We are best friends and we would not change it for the world.”

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At 17, the girlfriend who is now viral for her example of self-improvement, was left a quadriplegic. This fact did not stop her from moving on with her life, falling in love, and becoming CEO and founder of Rollettes, a wheelchair dance team in Los Angeles.

Love story with a happy ending

A couple of years ago, Chelsie Hill met Jay Bloomfield, who is her husband today. Together they planned every detail of their marriage, but she had a very special surprise for him. And it is that the young woman always dreamed of walking towards the altar hand in hand with her father and she did.

“I want to emphasize that there is nothing wrong with being in a chair. But growing up, I always envisioned myself walking down the aisle on my wedding day (…) And I just wanted to feel that, not that my disability took anything away from me, but I just wanted to feel that heart to heart and be face to face with the. That was something really important to me. “, he told in an interview Insider about the wedding held on September 24th.

Chelsie Hill wore braces and a walker to surprise her boyfriend on their wedding day. (Photo: @chelsiehill / Instagram)

How she managed to stand up for her wedding

To make her dream come true and see her boyfriend’s emotional reaction, Chelsie Hill had a wedding dress prepared with a skirt that could be easily removed and thus wear braces and a walker.

Already at the wedding, Jay Bloomfield had his back turned and when he turned around, he had the happiest surprise of his life: his girlfriend was walking down the aisle. The man’s emotion was recorded in the video that the photographer Asha Bailey shared on her account. TikTok.


she said she dreamed of the day she’d look her husband in the eye on their wedding day, and she did that 🥺

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Then the bride and groom experienced another special moment when Chelsie Hill pronounced her vows: “After my accident, I was not sure if I would ever find someone who truly loved me completely. You have accepted me completely, you have honored me and adored all my parts. Right now today, he wanted to do something that he had always dreamed of. Stand in front of you while we promise each other our lives “.

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And that was not all, because the bride was determined that this is the best day of all and with the help of a dance group she prepared some special choreographies to surprise her husband. She performed the steps from her wheelchair, but also stood up to do it next to her father and with the help of orthopedic devices she was able to do the traditional first dance as husbands hand in hand with Jay Bloomfield. A story of love, overcoming and with more exciting moments to live.

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